Tracking Ohio’s absentee ballot requests.

We[**] got a guy out there doing just that, and the link to his spreadsheet is here.

Executive summary: the process is ongoing, and what’s being tracked are absentee/early ballot REQUESTS, not turned-in ballots.  So it’s not telling us who’s ahead in Ohio; it’s merely telling us what we know of which party’s members are asking for ballots.  In other words, it’s a possible measure of voter enthusiasm in Ohio.  So…

2012 2008 % of 08
Total 601208 740725 81%
Democrat 177155 288270 61%
Republican 145560 144300 101%
Cuyohoga 159572 231497 69%
D Cuyahoga 86274 119891 72%
R Cuyahoga 38134 35067 109%
Hamilton 61253 102796 60%
D Hamilton 9793 16763 58%
R Hamilton 18304 23677 77%
Summit 39056 92941 42%
D Summit 9581 43524 22%
R Summit 7525 12857 59%

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#rsrh Gov. Pat Quinn (D, IL) disenfranchised military voters.

As Hot Air reminds us, Illinois had its primary in February, which should have been plenty of time for the state to prepare absentee ballots for overseas military personnel as per the MOVE Act.  To refresh your memory: the act dictates that all overseas ballots must be sent out no less than forty-five days before an election, and that states were required to make sure that this occurs.

Illinois failed to do this.  The Justice Department will ‘investigate,’ of course – but don’t expect this to be resolved before the election.  That military vote is unlikely to be voting Democratic in sufficient numbers to help mob banker Alexi Giannoulias (D) in his Senate race; and it certainly won’t benefit incumbent Pat Quinn (D).  So there’s no valid reason for the Illinois Democrat who’s President right now to jump on military disenfranchisement; at least, no reason that Barack Obama would recognize as valid…

Moe Lane

PS: If it isn’t close, they can’t cheat.  Bill Brady for GovernorMark Kirk for Senator.

Voter Fraud Video Watch – NJ.

Via Election Journal, somebody tried to steal this guy’s vote.

In fact, as EJ noted earlier, they still might – thanks to the Democratic party’s attempt to keep the rules for absentee ballots as loose as possible. If the absentee ballot is deemed the valid one…

Moe Lane

PS: Final question: how many people who didn’t go out to vote today ended up voting in NJ, after all?

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WFP/ACORN Voter Fraud in Troy, NY.

Not voter registration fraud – which is, by the way, voter fraud – but actual, no-fooling, they-forged-absentee-ballots voter fraud:

Affidavits: Ballot abuse rampant

Dozens of forged and fraudulent absentee ballots from people registered to vote on the Working Families Party line were filed in the Sept. 15 primary elections in Troy, the Times Union has learned.


Documents at the county Board of Elections show the fraudulent ballots were handled by or prepared on behalf of various elected officials and leaders and operatives for the Democratic and Working Families parties. A Troy housing authority employee, Anthony Defiglio, who sources said oversees vacant properties for the Troy Housing Authority, also handled many of the fraudulent ballots, according to public records and interviews with voters who said they were duped.

Via Big Government, which helpfully points out that the Working Families Party is another facet of ACORN, to the point where they share current officers like Bertha Lewis and former affiliates like Patrick Gaspard (who is actually working even now with the WFP in local NY politics).  This should surprise fewer people than it will; it’s long been an open secret that most of these groups live in each other’s pockets.

Moe Lane

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Recap of the NY-20 race.

  1. Scott Murphy (D) is ahead by 65 votes. Nobody’s calling this race just yet.
  2. There are somewhere between six and ten thousand absentee ballots that need to be counted.
  3. They’re not being counted tonight. They’re not being counted for another week. (Via AoSHQ) You see, we do, in fact, actually learn from our mistakes.
  4. The deadline for overseas absentee ballots is actually April 13th.
  5. All that being said, just because we haven’t lost yet doesn’t mean that we’ve won, either. Don’t assume that the absentee ballots are going to flip this race dramatically.
  6. If you still have nervous energy to work off, Rosanna Pulido (the candidate for IL-05) would love your help.

I believe that covers it. So everybody have a bite to eat, or something.

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