#rsrh FL-18 Watch: Allen West campaign kicks Patrick Murphy campaign in the groin.

You read this Roll Call article, and you get the feeling that the author was doing his level best not to laugh at Murphy:

For those without video: it’s an ad that compares what Rep. West and Mr. Murphy were doing on the night of February 16, 2003: West was getting ready to deploy to Iraq, while Murphy was ending a night of bar fights and public intoxication by getting arrested.  Hold on, let me preserve a screen shot for posterity:

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#rsrh DCCC admits DOOM in NC-08, FL-18: SEIU does likewise in WI-08.

I first saw the tip-off from @mattmackowiak, but said tweet unfortunately needs some typos corrected:

  • FL-18 (not FL-08): “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee canceled a week of airtime in Rep. Allen West’s (R-Fla.) district starting Oct. 9, according to multiple sources tracking the buy.”
  • NC-08: “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee canceled a second week of advertising in Kissell’s 8th district. Roll Call has learned that the DCCC’s independent expenditure arm canceled a reservation for advertising in the Charlotte media market from Oct. 9-15. This comes after the DCCC canceled a reservation from Oct. 2-8, as first reported by Roll Call.
  • WI-08 (not WI-07): “The Service Employees International Union [NOT the DCCC – ML] has canceled a previously scheduled television ad buy in support of businessman Jamie Wall’s (D) challenge of Rep. Reid Ribble (R).”

Nonetheless: good news for the Republican House majority.  Whether the Democrats like to admit it or not, not having the money to protect one beleaguered incumbent and challenge two House freshmen is rarely good news.

Well, it’s rarely good news for the party without the money.  I imagine that the GOP finds this very good news indeed.

Moe Lane


#rsrh He’s Allen West, and he approves this message.

And the message is: Democrats deny God thrice.

Via @SissyWillis.  I suggest that the Democratic party get used to this line of attack, because it’s going to get repeated from Bangor to San Diego, and from Seattle to Key West.  Unforced errors of this magnitude usually are.

Moe Lane

PS: Allen West for FL-18.

#rsrh RS at CPAC: Question and answer with Allen West.

I forget why I needed to know about Syria at the time; it was getting blurry at the end.  And I didn’t exactly enjoy myself at CPAC this year.  Up at 5 AM to take a train in and be ready for the 9 AM festivities, then spend the day trying to arrange five minute sessions for interviews with candidates and politicians; I didn’t eat enough, I certainly didn’t drink enough, and I was pretty much wiped by 5 PM.  As in, there were a couple of times that I dozed off in my chair.

Well.  Mustn’t grumble.

#rsrh OK, more major shakeups in Florida races.

(See also Leon Wolf of RedState) With the latest round of redistricting in Florida, most notable for the problems faced by Republicans Tom Rooney and Allen West by it (see here for an analysis by Sean Trende about how the latter probably wasn’t being deliberately targeted), there’s been a flurry of jumping around to try to take advantage of the two new seats available to Florida because of the 2010 Census.  Republican legislators have already negotiated district switches aplenty; but Rooney and West’s situations were particularly baroque.  This is how they resolved things:

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#rsrh (NSFW) Why Allen West (R, FL) replied…

…in the following manner to CAIR’s not-particularly-polite request that he disassociate himself from Pamela Geller and Brigitte Gabriel:

It’s because “Fuck you, you terrorist-defending sanctimonious assholes,” while an appropriate response, is probably not suitable for official House stationery. Continue reading #rsrh (NSFW) Why Allen West (R, FL) replied…

Florida Democrats astroturf GOP town halls!

…and don’t do a very good job of it, really. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Rep. Daniel Webster got heckled by “members of progressive groups such as Moveon.org and Organize Now,” while Allen West got screamed at by a woman later identified as being a former radio host for Air America (remember them*?).  A few things to note about this:

  • When the newspapers are taking the time to note that hecklers are professional activists, then the activists are officially Doing It Wrong.
  • And the reason why the activists are officially Doing It Wrong is because the goal of the exercise is to upset and dismay the legislator that you’re trying to target.  During the health care town hall meltdown, what one took away from it was the way that Democratic legislators ran and hid from their own constituents.  Politicians who didn’t – like, dagnabbit, Barney Frank – generally came out of the situation with little trouble.
  • And in fact neither Webster nor West were particularly upset nor dismayed at the reaction.  Webster kept patiently explaining his votes and calmly engaging the screamers.  West bluntly told his screamers that they weren’t going to intimidate him.

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CPAC 2011: Allen West (R, FL-22).

I may have gloated a little over the “Congressman” bit: but then, FL-22 was one of the ten or so that most of us really, really, really wanted to get last November. Pleasant to have gotten this one, then.

Rep. West did a blogger availability and the CPAC keynote speech shortly afterward; you can see part of the first and the whole of the second here.

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