Arrgh. [UPDATED]

It’s that last five cents. Although technically the sales are from June 2020 to July 2022, which makes the numbers a bit better yet.

UPDATE: There we go. I have now officially broken four figures in sales on Amazon! Huzzah! …Next stop? Five.

Oh, I am *salty* today. (Buy my books!)

A combination of the aches, soreness, and painkillers, I suspect. It would probably be best if I automatically not publish anything more controversial than “I like turtles.” Maybe it’d be more hilarious, but it wouldn’t be best.

Oh, and buy my books. I am totally ready to cheaply milk sympathy at my ouch-ridden state for sales. Always Be Closing…

Happy Father’s Day! I’m a dad, buy my book!

Au contraire: I am absolutely living up to the ideals of this holiday. As a father myself I am perfectly allowed to say that FROZEN DREAMS is a wonderful Father’s Day gift. As for my own father; well, I have this sudden vision of him up in Heaven taking a drag off of his unfiltered Camel and yelling “BUY HIS BOOK, YOU RAT BASTARDS!” before he gets back to watching hockey*.

So there you go. I’m covered, either way.

Moe Lane

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QotD, Holy Mother Church Thinks On A Different Time Scale Than You Do edition.

This is a bit old – the story is from January – but I laughed like a loon at this comment from the Roman Catholic Church about changes in legislation that would allow Catholics to marry the British monarch or his/her heir:

For its part, the Catholic Church said it “would be compassionate” to a Catholic who married a Protestant monarch and could not raise their child in the faith.

Translation: :mildly: we can wait.

Moe Lane

Velma Hart (Obama Town Hall Woman) laid off.

Kind of ironic, but supposedly not targeted; Velma Hart’s company (AmVets) just couldn’t afford to keep her any longer, that’s all. At least, I hope that this administration wasn’t so stupid as to get the CFO for Amvets – and a military veteran herself – fired.  Even if Ms. Hart had made the critical mistake of being critical to the President’s face on national television.

But, just in case Ms. Hart was targeted: I’d like to remind her that the representative for her district is Donna Edwards, and that Rep. Edwards is a liberal antiwar moonbat who bragged about voting to defund the war in Afghanistan.  Not to be ghoulish or anything, but since Ms. Hart is out of work anyway what’s the harm in her giving these people a call?  Believe me: voting reflexively Democratic is one of those habits that people can unlearn, and we’re always looking for folks with a good, solid, American background.

Hey.  Just throwing it out, there.  It seems wasteful to have such a great personal narrative there and not use it; and I can think of at least three good reasons why Velma Hart would never be allowed to be a successful Democratic legislator, at any level.  So why not explore other options?

Moe Lane (crosspost)