Amazon buys MGM for 8.5 billion…

presumably. The antitrust folks are already starting to go a little pop-vein on the subject, and while such issues are beyond the scope of this blog now they’re still there. And understandably: with MGM’s library Amazon can compete in the Streaming Wars, and it’s in an unique place for selling you physical stuff while it’s giving you access to said library. I don’t know how much that’s worth, but it’s probably worth something.

Other than that, my earlier opinion stands: meh. Somebody’s gonna buy MGM’s library, and I already have Amazon Prime.

The Not Really SFW” The Boys trailer.

Yeah don’t watch this with the kids around.  Or The Boys itself, when it hits Amazon.

By the way: it’s based off of a graphic novel of the same name by, yeah, Garth Ennis, and Amazon is making the first issue free for Prime Members.  …You probably shouldn’t read that one around the kids, either.  Look, this just ain’t family-friendly, OK?

Well, so much for free Amazon Prime two-day delivery. [UPDATE: they got it in!]]

[UPDATE, 11:58 PM]: Well, I will be dipped in shit.  I open up the door to throw out the recycling, and there the package is.  Never mind…

I’m not really angry, but I am a little surprised that they’d not make sure that somebody who was testing out‘s Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping would have no cause for complaint for the free one-month trial period.  I mean, free shipping is nice, but reliability is a legitimate concern, too.

Ach, well.