John Edwards, ambulance chaser. Re-chaser?

Bless his heart:

Former Sen. John Edwards came within a few electoral votes of being vice president of the United States. But now, after a loss in the 2004 election, a brief run in 2008 ended by spectacular adultery and love-child scandal, a hung jury in a multiple-felony campaign-finance case, and the death of wife Elizabeth, Edwards has returned to the occupation in which he first made his name: the practice of personal injury law.

Which is, I suppose, a nicer thing to say than my first thought, which was As a dog returneth to its vomit… 

Via The Daily Caller.

Moe Lane

Charlie Crist, ambulance chaser.

I know that sometimes, people wonder if the things that they do for the Right, or the Republican party, really make a difference.  To that I say: why not ask Charlie Crist?

From Florida Governor and presumptive Senator, to ambulance-chasing lawyer ready to serve you.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to put this one up on the wall.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

[UPDATE]: Here’s the blogger that it was originally from.  Suggestion for folks doing video captures: try to attach your website to the end of these things.  Makes it easier to trace the original source.