In the Mail: “Coolidge.”

I’ve been looking forward to reading Amity Shlaes’ Coolidge biography for a while; I really enjoyed her The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression, and am looking forward to seeing what she’s done with the life story of a man who is himself forgotten these days (although not quite in the same sense).  I plan to read it this weekend and review it next week (and hopefully get an interview with Ms. Shlaes, although that’s not yet been locked down).  In the meantime, Ed Driscoll did interview Ms. Shlaes; check it out.

Amity Shlaes interview on Coolidge over at PJ Media.

Ed Driscoll did the interview: Amity Shlaes, of course, is the [author*] of both The Forgotten Man (a very useful look at the Great Depression, particularly if you’re tired of FDR’s WWII-derived halo) and her new book Coolidge (and I find it entertaining that she made that joke in the title).  I’ve been looking forward to the latter book for some time; I also hope to interview Amity myself for RedState.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

[* Fixed.  Sorry!]

#rsrh Amity Shlaes bringing out book on Coolidge.

As Ed Driscoll notes, it’s scheduled for June.  The title is simply “Coolidge“: hopefully you’ll get the joke.

Anyway, I very much liked Shlaes’ most well-known book The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression – it was any number of useful correctives to the existing narrative on the Great Depression, and it’s sort of depressing about how many of those correctives involve simply narrating events in a neutral tone – so I expect that I shall pick up this book.