False alarm on the Applebaum exploding car thing.

Gawker is not exactly on my Christmas card list, but I’ll happily admit that this is a good lead sentence:

Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum is A) married to a high-ranking Polish politician, and B) critical of Russia’s shady government, which makes it—in the most general way—kind of alarming that her car blew up yesterday.

Turns out to just be a false alarm (“The Russian Mafia Did Not Bomb My Car“).  This time.

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously, Ms. Appelbaum: criticizing the Russian government is apparently not low-risk journalism.  The latest one was last month: regional television journalist Olga Kotovskayasupposedly committed suicide via jumping from a building – the day after she won a court case regarding her illegally-seized news station. Stuff like this keeps happening to critics of the Russian government: I think that you may be discounting the subtle protection that an American passport gives you…

Quit while you’re behind, Anne Applebaum.

Far, far, far behind. Patterico has you dead to rights, and pounding the table and shouting won’t do you a darn bit of good.

I don’t want to really get into the Roman Polanski matter further – I’ve been catching myself indulging in a certain bloodthirsty attitude regarding the child-rapist that I probably shouldn’t be indulging into – so here’s a video of a puppy fighting a robot.

Relax. The puppy wins.