#rsrh The Two Obama Israel UN Letters.

It’s funny: while I’m willing to bet that everybody decent reading this post will look at this Israel-hating letter (via Jen Rubin, via Instapundit) and mutter “I’m not surprised to see that scumbag’s name on there” I’m pretty sure that we will all have different scumbags in mind.  For my part… it’s a tough call, but I’m going to go with Chas Freeman for my Special Scumbag: it takes a special kind of guy to encourage the ChiComs to punch their dissidents harder, but Freeman was up to the challenge.  I don’t recognize all the rest of the names, but the ones that I do recognize all provoke the same mixed revulsion/disgust/contempt.  Just not as strongly.

Anyway, Jen’s betting that President Obama’s more likely to go with the advice from these people, and I hope and think that she’s right.  I mean, yeah, I’ve had issues with every Democratic Senator on that list and everything – but given a choice between them and the people on the other letter, well…

Moe Lane

PS: I quite enjoy being hated by anti-Semites, thanks.  Any decent person would: it’s quite the pick-me-up.