Do you want D&D @Arbys dice? Don’t care: *I* do.

The dice tower looks nice, but it’s the dice I want.

D&D Dice

Any campaigns looking for an extra player? We’ll bring the dice and tower.

Posted by Arby's on Monday, December 16, 2019

If this is of interest to you, let my buddy on Facebook suggests that you let Arby’s (at [email protected]) know. At the moment they’re not planning to do a dice run, but if enough people show an interest, well. I also think that Arby’s should lean into that entire cosmic horror thing and do their own TT RPG, but that’s just me.

[UPDATE]: They’re gonna sell them. Guess this was a test run to determine interest. Worked, too.

Tweet of the Day, @Arbys Has A Credibly Geekish Social Media Wing edition.

This is remarkably well-played. Shoot, Arby’s social media people apparently even have a small budget. Or at least somebody good at cutting up cardboard.

#rsrh QotD, They Also Buy Roast Beef Sandwiches Edition.

From the comments to this Atlantic Wire post suggesting that Arby’s may want to reconsider annoying half the population of the United States by going out of their way to be antagonistic:

“Republicans buy shoes, too.”

That line is attributed to Michael Jordan, and from what I can tell it’s consistent with the man’s demonstrated business acumen.