The Bear apparently cannot change its… pelt, I guess.

Well, this is appalling.

Both that the Putin regime thinks that it can get away with this, and that the Putin regime will probably be correct, at least in the short term. Sure, why not? Blame the assassination of one of the few remaining opposition leaders on a country that you’re planning to invade anyway. Who’s around to stop you, these days?

You know, I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen this movie before.

Argentina announces that it has rogue murder-assassination squads.

To put this in perspective: imagine if we had had an apparent ‘suicide’ of a prominent administration critic just before he was about to testify against the Obama administration, and the administration came out and blamed the whole thing on rogue elements within the NSA that wanted to attack President Obama. That’s pretty much the Argentinian government’s position on the assassination of state prosecutor Alberto Nisman, and it’s a heck of a thing when that’s considered to be still a better story than the actual truth. Which is: Mr. Nisman was investigating the Iranian bombing of an Argentinian synagogue; he got hindered in his investigation by would-be dictator Cristina Fernandez, who is in cahoots with the Iranians to cover up the Iranian regime’s involvement in said bombing; Nisman was about to talk about all of that to a court; and so the Fernandez regime proceeded to put a bullet in his head*. Continue reading Argentina announces that it has rogue murder-assassination squads.

#rsrh Iranian nuclear scientist assassination…

…using magnetic bombs?

The assassins, riding motorcycles, tossed bombs at — or attached them to — vehicles of the two Shahid Behesti University professors as they drove with their spouses en route to work between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m..

“A Pulsar motorbike drove close to Dr. Shahriari’s car and stuck a bomb on his car which after a few seconds exploded,” Tehran police chief Hossein Sajednia was quoted as saying by the semi-official Fars news agency.

Via Gateway Pundit/RightNetwork, via Instapundit. One nuclear scientist killed, one wounded – also wounded were their wives, and at least one driver.  The Iranians are blaming Israel, of course… despite the fact that this would be precisely the sort of cinematic attack that generally stays in cinemas*.  That would be because you don’t start a war to kill two scientists; and if Mossad had done this, it would have been an act of war.

On the other hand: between this situation and the Stuxnet worm, this entire Iranian nuke situation is starting to get an action-movie feel to it.  Which is not actually a good thing, given a). the number of extras that typically die in action movies and b). the amount of real estate that typically gets blown up…

Moe Lane Continue reading #rsrh Iranian nuclear scientist assassination…

Assassination attempt in Holland.

(via HolyCoast) A premeditated act, but judging from the reports (and a couple of distressing on-scene photos, including one of the attacker), probably not an Islamist*-inspired one.

5 Dead After Car Strikes Crowd at Dutch Royal Parade

Five people were killed and several others hurt in the Netherlands after a car rammed into a crowd of spectators in what police are calling a premeditated attack on the royal family.

The car appeared to be deliberately driving at high speed toward an open bus carrying the popular Queen Beatrix and her family in the western Dutch city of Apeldoorn.


Prosecutors said the driver, badly injured and still in his crumpled car, acknowledged targeting the queen and her family.

My prayers for the victims and their families.

Moe Lane

*Note: “ist,” not “ic.”

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