Don’t forget: FROZEN DREAMS is also an audiobook!

And, gonna be honest: audiobooks are not a trivial thing to produce. The FROZEN DREAMS audiobook was easily the hardest part of the Kickstarter to fulfill. I dunno if I can make one for TINSEL RAIN (working title for the sequel) absent a really, really good result in the next Kickstarter…

This is all a lot easier when you have an actual publisher, alas.

Need to use up that Audible Credit? Try FROZEN DREAMS!

I’m still trying to decide whether TINSEL RAIN is going to get an audiobook. FROZEN DREAMS got one pretty much because of the Kickstarter, but it seemed to be a popular enough extra. And certainly when I have a larger catalog every little bit will help. So I haven’t decided yet.

Until then: Christmas is coming! I can’t sell merch because it’s too much a risk that it would have to be made with Chinese slave labor! I gotta work with what I got! REVISIONARIES will probably be popping up on my Author Page before too much longer, at least.

The Audiobook is doing well. I think.

I think my sales were perhaps a touch depressed by the minor detail that the people who wanted a FROZEN DREAMS audiobook got one via the Kickstarter. But that’s all right: they also paid for the audiobook, which was the important thing there. I don’t know if I’m going to offer an audiobook as a stretch goal for TINSEL RAIN, though*. Still trying to recalibrate expectations.

Moe Lane

*Assuming I do a Kickstarter. The ultimate goal is to not need to.

Not thrilled about the Audible delay for FROZEN DREAMS, either.

From what I can tell, apparently everybody in the world decided to record an audiobook this year, and they don’t have the staff to process everybody’s entry in less than 30 business days. Technically, it’s only been 17 business days for me, but I have to start assuming that the FROZEN DREAMS audiobook will not be ready on September 1st. There’s no deadline, strictly speaking, but I’d like it off my to-do list*.

Alas. At least it’s paid for. And you can still get the regular book, of course.

Moe Lane

*I’d also like whatever royalties accrue from it, too. Purchases this month will directly impact the November Kickstarter for the short story collection.

“There’s No Such Thing As GHOSTS.”

This is clever, in a “embrace your inner kid who used to make up stories about the shadows on the wall” sort of way. It’s also kind of a commercial for; the company sponsored the video in exchange for a thirty second ad at the end.  Which is cool; I’m all for companies giving money to artists and saying Do something neat with this, and tell ’em at the end how awesome we are. That seems a reasonable bargain.

Via Geeks Are Sexy.