#rsrh So. Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s bail restrictions eased…

with the only thing left keeping him in-country is that they’re keeping his passport*.

If I had a nasty, suspicious mind I’d be publicly wondering what the over/under is on him taking advantage of the Fourth of July weekend travel madness to get out of the country and back to France.  Good thing that I don’t have a nasty, suspicious mind, huh?

Moe Lane

*Short version of why: the accuser’s credibility has been called into question, based on her associates, a call made after the alleged attack, and her apparent misrepresentation of her past history to law enforcement officials.  Note that there’s still physical evidence that nobody’s attempting to deny, and the fact that DSK ran for it.  IOW, not conclusive proof, but the courts more or less had to take this all into account when assessing DSK’s flight risk.