Why Kevin Williamson wants DeRay Mckesson to be the next Baltimore mayor.

Largely because Kevin thinks that Mckesson can’t be any worse than the current idiot running things, and because Mckesson needs to learn where the real problems are.  Also, this:

…if the education of DeRay Mckesson turns out to be as deliciously brutal and pitiless as expected, then it also presents an opportunity to educate, to some extent, a generation of silly and ignorant young activists in aching need of a swift kick in the ass from reality.

Being someone who lives within a half hour of Baltimore, though… not just no.  HELL, no.  Say what you like about Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, but she was at least able to step aside and let Governor Larry Hogan (seemingly effortlessly) restore order in that riot.  A hypothetical Mayor Mckesson might have ordered Baltimore cops to actively resist the National Guard. Because he’s just that dumb.

Not that Mckesson would ever get the nomination, of course.  Not in Baltimore…

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Martin O’Malley embraces his Baltimore albatross.

No! Really? Do tell:

No Democrat is having a harder time moving away from the tough-on-crime 90s than former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, whose potential presidential campaign has been plagued in the last week by questions over his policing policies as mayor of Baltimore. On Sunday, O’Malley continued to defend his record and said Baltimore would be the setting of his presidential campaign announcement if he decides to run.

The brutal truth of things is this: being tough on crime does indeed work.  If you are tough. Rudy Giuliani could make the streets safer in NYC because he had the grit to see the job done. Martin O’Malley just knew what were the things that one said, and when was the statistically best time to say them.  You simply cannot expect better from a progressive Democratic executive; which is what you get in Martin O’Malley, so that’s convenient, at least. Continue reading Martin O’Malley embraces his Baltimore albatross.

Baltimore curfew to end tonight.

‘Endorsed.’  Well, I suppose that you need to salve the pride of the mayor. She is, after all, elected head of Baltimore, at least until the next election:

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Sunday endorsed a decision to lift curfew that has been in place in Baltimore since rioting broke out earlier this week. Hogan also announced that 200 city businesses, most of them minority owned, were destroyed in the rioting.

“The mayor and I both talked and we agreed it’s time to get the community back to normal again,” Hogan, a Republican said. “It’s going to take a little while to get back to normal, but I think lifting the curfew is a good idea.

Hopefully, it will be. Certainly Governor Hogan did a good enough job in shutting down the riots before they could become self-sustaining that I’m willing enough to let him keep doing his job. Because, let’s make no mistake here: Mayor  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake didn’t do hers. Which should make the aforementioned next election in Baltimore interesting…

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Governor Larry Hogan (R) is done with the tomfoolery.

Which is why the tomfoolery on the streets of Baltimore has now been sharply curtailed. An example:

Continue reading Governor Larry Hogan (R) is done with the tomfoolery.

Tweet of the Day, Larry Hogan Needs To Step Up edition.

Although I will concede that what Gov. Larry Hogan needs to do here is open for debate.

I don’t expect anything out of new-minted Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and I expect that I will get precisely that (yes, a tautology, but you know what I mean). But Gov. Hogan currently has to deal with the largest city in his state sliding out of control. As a Marylander myself, I’m quite interested to hear what he plans to do about it.

Barack Obama, Democrats hit the mattresses in Baltimore.

I say that because the President is, shock, surprise! – avoiding reporters on this one: “[Barack Obama’s] mid-afternoon appearance is entirely off-limits to the media, in contrast to his 2010 appearance down the street for a similar retreat with House Republicans.”  I don’t know what’s funnier: the idea that President Obama doesn’t dare talk to the press, or that Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota doesn’t dare be at the same event at the same time as Obama. No, really, each one is guffaw-worthy, in its own way.

Troublesome beating in Baltimore?

If this is true… brilliant [expletive deleted] job there setting the tone, Barry. Brilliant.

Baltimore police say they are investigating a witness account that a group of black youths beat a Hispanic man near Patterson Park Sunday while saying, “This is for Trayvon.”

A witness posted the account on a community Facebook page, and police confirmed they are looking into whether the suspects’ reaction to the verdict in the Florida trial of George Zimmerman played a part in the incident. A police report on the beating does not mention the alleged comments.

Sgt. Eric Kowalczyk, a police spokesman, declined to go into further detail.

Continue reading Troublesome beating in Baltimore?

DGA Martin ‘Whitebread’ O’Malley (D, MD) speaks on Republican racism!

So.  We got Maryland Governor and DGA head Martin O’Malley out there SNEERING about us awful, awful racist Republicans (for the full effect, assume that I’m fluttering my hands like I’ve got the St. Vitus’ dance):

Using Governor Rick Perry (formerly) of the RGA for that, too. You see, good old Martin here really, really respects the heck out of Rick, you understand; despite the fact that he’s voluntarily a member of a racist and prejudiced group like the GOP.  Isn’t that just… well, Caucasian… of Ol’ Whitebread O’Malley?

No, my sneer’s deliberate, too.  And much more justified.  Consider this:

  • The progressive, inclusive DGA currently being run by Whitebread O’Malley has precisely one racial minority among its members: MA governor Deval Patrick.  Apparently Democrats don’t like voting for ethnic minorities – at least, not statewide.
  • The racist, regressive RGA ran by Rick Perry?  Four: Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Susana Martinez of New Mexico, and Brian Sandoval of Nevada.  Odd how that happened, no?  – And so enthusiastically, too. Continue reading DGA Martin ‘Whitebread’ O’Malley (D, MD) speaks on Republican racism!

Mayor Sheila Dixon (D) of Baltimore to resign.

(H/T: @leonwolf) About time, too.

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, the first woman to hold the city’s highest position, will officially resign her post as mayor.

A deal was reached in the case regarding her recent conviction and her future case involving perjury charges, 11 News I-Team reporter David Collins said Wednesday afternoon. Lawyers for Dixon and state prosecutors in her embezzlement trial spent time behind closed doors to discuss details of the deal.


She’ll also have to make a $45,000 donation to the Bea Gaddy Foundation and do 500 hours of community service with Our Daily Bread. According to the deal regarding the perjury charges, she’s agreed to sell the gifts she received from developers, including a fur coat and electronics she bought with gift cards, and give the proceeds to charity.

Since the article doesn’t want to spell it out, let me: she stole from poor kids. But she’ll keep her pension, all the same. This is, after all, Maryland – and she is, after all, a Democrat.  If that sounds cynical, please note that Ms. Dixon actually got complimented by a fellow-Democrat for ‘putting constituents first’ right after Ms. Dixon was convicted of stealing from them

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Big Government, ACORN, and tax advice for underaged brothels.

[UPDATE]: Welcome Instapundit readers.

So, Andrew Breitbart’s new website Big Government wanted to start off with a splash – and they’ve certainly done so, thanks to the post Chaos to Glory. In it, James O’Keefe went with an associate to ACORN’s Baltimore office, with the story that the associate is a prostitute who needs to set up her income – and the income of a baker’s dozen of underage El Salvadoran illegal immigrant prostitutes – to fund O’Keefe’s political campaigns. ACORN of course immediately informs them that they are depraved abusive monsters, throws them out, and calls the cops…

Yeah, right. What actually happens is that they get a crash course in Tax Fraud and How To Set Up A Brothel 101: links are to videos, in case the above doesn’t load (their servers must be getting hammered, for some reason). Transcript here: you will find that your jaw steadily drops more and more as this goes on. They didn’t blink at the prostitute bit (just reclassified it as entertainer, and walked through useful deductions): they didn’t blink at the underaged El Salvadoran prostitutes thing (just worked out how many could be claimed as dependents without things getting flagged); and they didn’t blink on the request for advice on avoiding a former pimp (they just gave some, which didn’t include “Call the cops” and “Stop being a prostitute”).

After a certain point, you will ask yourself if this can possibly be for real. Breitbart did, himself. This, in fact, pushes the very limit of the Too Good to Be True envelope – but the videos are simply too good to miss. Plus, ACORN’s screams of outrage are diagnostic: they’re essentially claiming that when asked, other offices didn’t give out tax advice on running illegal underage brothels.

So there. Continue reading Big Government, ACORN, and tax advice for underaged brothels.