Starting the pass-through on BANSHEE BEACH.

For clarification: what I’m doing right now is just rereading the existing text to BANSHEE BEACH, leaving notes on holes in the text, and generally reminding myself of the story. My priority is still to get TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol 2 out, but I’m waiting on the next installment of edits. I might as well get other stuff done while I’ve got a little down time.

Moe Lane

PS: So far, the book doesn’t look half bad, actually. BANSHEE BEACH is part of a series, but I think it works as a standalone book, too. How about you buy a couple of copies of the first two, and tell me later if it all worked out?


Back to the surfing worldview.

I’m reading one of their seminal texts (Gidget) now, to get a feel for the original mindset and the worldview. I still have a bunch of movies to work through, but I’m going to go about that nice and steady. I can’t really move forward on BANSHEE BEACH until I get a feel on Hollywood movie beach culture. That means research.

It does not, however, mean getting on a surfboard. I’m a writer, so yes, I’m insane. I’m not that kind of insane.


Have blocked out BANSHEE BEACH.

It’s not been a fun couple of days, thanks to these lingering colds (and my kid’s ear infection, now thankfully responding to antibiotics). Yesterday in particular was a mess. I had to resort to making a meatloaf to mitigate my mood.

Today is better, not least because I sat down to work out the chapters for BANSHEE BEACH. Twenty four chapters, and now I know what happens in each one. That’ll let me write passages to match. Guess outlines are handy, after all. Who knew?

Welp. Guess it’s time to take a look at BANSHEE BEACH.

I somehow managed to get the manuscript for BANSHEE BEACH up to 50,000 words on the nose. I assume that I did that deliberately, because last year I had an unexpected case of Covid for Thanksgiving and it messed up my entire ‘thing.’ But that’s okay. I have enough to construct the rest of the book.

[Two hours later]

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Crunching numbers on next year’s Kickstarter.

It’s not entirely a great time, honestly. To start off with, I’m going to have to change the focus from doing another volume of TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION to funding BANSHEE BEACH (the next Tom Vargas novel). The RPG project is going to get shelved entirely for another year, and I’m probably going to end up squeezing as much as I can to pay for an audiobook for TINSEL RAIN*. This has not been a great time to sell books, economically speaking. Which also means that I’ll have more expenses, including things like covers and map updates. I’m going to be reaching out to people and finding out what their new rates are. Yay inflation! …Can’t be helped, though. People need to eat.

All of which means that my Kickstarter goal this time is going to be higher. A good bit higher, likely. I’m not really thrilled about that, but what can you do? …Except sell more books, I guess. Go ahead and click the links!

Moe Lane

*I think that there’s a market there, but the way we did the FROZEN DREAMS audiobook was ultimately self-defeating from a marketing standpoint. Ach, well, live and learn.