11/10/2022 NaNoWriMo, BANSHEE BEACH: 2260/27056*.

Asterisk because I had to do a considerable amount of revising the numbers. I was looking at my wordcount, and the numbers were off. Like, seriously off. I had written over two thousand words, but the counter wasn’t advancing by the same amount. So I went looking, and I discovered that some of the text wasn’t checked off as being part of the final text. When I told it to include those parts, wordcount went up to over twenty-seven thousand. Which means I’m not actually behind on wordcount, after all! In fact, I’m 45% done with the book already. Happy day!

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It’s very important to have a map for this stuff, so that you know where everything is. Therefore: behold! A very crude map of Red Beach, jeweled resort of the northern Gulf of California! Don’t worry, I’ll have somebody competent make the real one.


Also, funny story: today was the day that I realized that I know virtually nothing about surfing. After careful consideration, I have decided to handle this problem in the time-honored pulp tradition of not giving a damn.