…Well, that was pleasant.

Dear Lord but that was a good dinner.  Very possibly the best roast beef that I have ever had in my life, a nice little set of various flavored vodkas to peruse*, and of course about six hours of various sorts of musical performance.  Excellent chance to blow off some steam and relax, in other words.  Goodness knows I needed it.

Moe Lane

*The rose hip vodka was particularly nice. Everybody was very careful to regulate their intake of that one, because even from breathing the fumes you immediately realized that this was a drink that you had to respect.  Or else. And that ‘or else’ would pop up rather quickly.

Got the afternoon off!

Babysitter is coming in order to give the wife and I a few hours to go do a SCA bardic event in peace and quiet and serenity and whatnot. Which should be nice. Unfortunately, I am apparently horribly out of voice these days, but maybe a little vocal exercise today will help clear that up.

Still, some time off for hearing some impromptu musical performances would be nice. Now that the kids are getting older we can start doing this more often, too.  Lord knows I could use the diversion…

So, back from the bardic competition!

My wife won! …Me?  Came in dead last, because I haven’t practiced, my voice was out, and I haven’t done anything like competitive bardic since before the birth of my oldest son. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I still retain the most essential skill, which is to get up in front of a bunch of people and perform at them without freaking out about it. If I had lost that I’d be alarmed right now.

Seriously, just go ahead and do it. Do not apologize, do not explain, do not blather on for twenty minutes before you do your piece.  And don’t linger, afterward. Take your bow and efficiently clear the stage so that the next person can have a turn.  Learn these traits well, and they will serve you well while you learn how to sing or tell jokes or whatever.

Here endeth the lesson.

Waitasecond: I think I know some of the people in the background.

Heh. And I was just looking for a good version of this song (this live version isn’t, quite).

PS: One free bardic tip. When you do an introduction or preface to a performance piece, take whatever time you’ve allotted to the introduction/preface and cut it in half.