US Military descends upon Iceland like beer-drinking locusts.

God bless our military.

U.S. troops landed in Iceland last week ahead of the start the largest NATO military exercise since the Cold War, and apparently, they left their mark in the most appropriate way possible: by drinking every last beer in the nation’s capital.

A significant number of bars in downtown Reykjavík were forced to make emergency beer runs under the onslaught of thirsty American sailors and Marines in town for the start of Trident Juncture 18, Iceland Magazine reports.

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Tweet of the Day, The Most Important News You’ll Hear All Week edition.

This year’s barley harvest is better than last year’s.

Which means: cheaper beer.  Huzzah!

Team Clinton’s populist store: champagne and Old Fashioneds! – No beer, though.

This is pretty much Hillary Clinton’s actual target demographic in a nutshell: champagne flutes*, cocktail napkins, Old Fashioned** – ZOMG, OLD. FASHIONED. – glasses.  Because that just screams “middle class drinking patterns” to me.  Not to mention “Hey, we’re down with the youngsters!”


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There is a beer shortage in Cuba.

Effing Commies.

Cuba has been hit by a severe beer shortage during one of its hottest summers on record, sparking hoarding and driving thirsty drinkers to pay greatly inflated prices.

A sharp fall in production at the island’s main brewery, Bucanero, at the beginning of the year has trickled its way down the supply chain at the worst possible time: the third-hottest summer since 1951.


Bucanero makes four brands of beer: Bucanero, Cristal, Cacique and Mayabe. The company has a virtual monopoly in Cuba, though some imported beers are also available, albeit at a large mark-up.

You know, civilized and functional economic systems can keep the beer flowing.  Note, by the way, that it’s the regular Cuban who will take it in the neck; the elites will have their beer.  Their foreign beer.

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Moe Lane

And now, some light and fluffy. Or at least hoppy.

Because there’s just so long I can spend trying to explain to people that arguments that they like are not arguments that everybody else likes.

Anyway… via @seanhackbarth comes this report of the beer of the gods, apparently.

One of the best beers in the world has arrived in Seattle, and it’s about to be tapped. Beer geeks are probably hyperventilating now. Some will likely — cough, cough — call in sick so they can stand in line and wait for the bar to open.

You haven’t heard about this? That’s because most bars won’t let on that they have this cult beer, Pliny the Younger, from Russian River Brewing Co.


Pliny sold on Craigslist and eBay for about $150 per growler (about 4 pints).

At $37.50 a pint, it had better be.