Sanders puts Tucson attack in fundraising crosshairs.

Title written with (fully justified) malice aforethought.

Senator Bernie Sanders – the socialist Senator from Vermont who we’re supposed to pretend isn’t a socialist because the Democrats get upset about us bringing up the entire ‘socialism’ thing – has decided that the best way to handle last weekend’s attempted assassination of a Congresswoman (and the murder of six people, including a nine-year-old girl) is to send out a fundraising letter blaming the whole thing on the right wing.

Given the recent tragedy in Arizona, as well as the start of the new Congress, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few words with political friends in Vermont and throughout the country. I also want to thank the very many supporters who have begun contributing online to my 2012 reelection campaign at w…

[several paragraphs’ worth of Left-pornography]


In light of all of this violence – both actual and threatened – is Arizona a state in which people who are not Republicans are able to participate freely and fully in the democratic process? Have right-wing reactionaries, through threats and acts of violence, intimidated people with different points of view from expressing their political positions?

Bernie Sanders’ answer is, of course, “Not if you give me money!”  That the attacker was a 9/11 Troofer who opposed the war and believed in shadow conspiracies – which is pretty much Sanders’ fund-raising base right there – is irrelevant to the Senator’s purpose, which is to transfer as much money from the pockets of the gullible to his own*.  So is the charmingly naive bourgeois notion of ‘human decency,’ which might have otherwise kept the Senator from Vermont from engaging in this behavior.  Nope: this is about bringing in the cash by making people afraid and hateful – which would be ironic, except that anybody who is a voluntary socialist in America is dead to the concept anyway…

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Do progressive Democrats play poker?

I mean, have they played enough of it to know of the old saying If you’ve been playing cards for a half-hour and you still don’t know who the dummy is, it’s you?

Progressives pressure Sanders, Feingold on public option reform

“Bernie Sanders can be a hero at this historic moment by declaring that any final bill must have a public option to win his support,” said PCCC co-foudner Adam Green. “That would change the entire calculus in House-Senate negotiations and force President Obama to finally fight back against Joe Lieberman’s threats.”

What? No, I was just idly curious.

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Then maybe you shouldn’t have voted for it, *Bernie*.

Like no Republican voted for it, Bernie.

“The insurance companies are going to make out like bandits. The drug companies are going to make out like bandits,” Sanders said during an appearance on MSNBC. “No question about that. This is not a strong bill.”

And you can stop whining about how the big, bad Republicans made you – and your fellow Democrats* – vote for what you just called a payoff for big money interests.


Moe Lane

*Yeah, sure, you’re not one. Keep telling yourself that, Bernie.

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Bernie Sanders: Kinsley Gaffe, or just not paying attention?

Contra Gateway Pundit (and Hot Air), I am not certain that Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) actually meant to imply that the Democrats were going to destroy private health insurers. Given that he is in fact a socialist, it may be that being one has finally killed enough brain cells to make him not notice that he answered the question so poorly.

Look, it’s not my fault that intellectually speaking being a self-identified socialist in this day and age is much like being a self-identified Flat-Earther*. It just is. And it makes you do dumb things, like tell private insurance companies that the United States Senate is coming after them with a mad gleam in its eye. Given that, true or not, this is precisely the impression that current Senate leadership does not want to create… well. To use the terminology of the guy that the Senator spent the last eight years ineffectually fighting: heckuva job there, Bernie.

Moe Lane

PS: More seriously, please remember: no matter what happens with the health care plan, neither Senator Sanders, his family, nor his close associates will ever suffer from the more onerous aspects of it. Because while all animals are equal, some animals are more equal than others.

*Well, except for the former’s higher historical body count.

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