First part of Big Government’s Philly ACORN video is up.

It’s a sampler, not the full video/audio.  About which I’ll speak more of, after Part II.

I’d also like to note that I’ve been expecting this since I noticed that the address of the ACORN office on the intros didn’t match the one in either Baltimore or DC.

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Law & Order: Sad Projection.

This should appall me, except that I’m too busy chuckling: apparently, the Left is still reduced to using the big/small screen to act out their Bush administration prosecution fantasies.  Including – ye gods and little fishes! – something stretching all the way back to Abu Ghraib. It’s Law & Order‘s turn to wistfully yearn:

By the end of the episode, “McCoy” has added former Vice President Cheney and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to his indictment. Incredibly, the case brought by a local DA against federal employees over the conduct of their official duties goes to trial, but before a verdict is rendered a federal court orders the trial stopped — thus getting NBC out of the bind of either characterizing the Bush administration as guilty or not guilty.

Wow. It’s like the 2008 election never happened.  I would also like to note that the current administration wouldn’t have let this get as far as it did in the show: in fact, it’s a whole lot less unwilling to address the issue in public at all than the previous one was…

Moe Lane

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Breaking: Yosi Sergant fired in NEA payola scandal.

ACORN/OFA crony Buffy Wicks unaffected.  Of course.

Another win for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government. Jake Tapper has the details:

Embattled former National Endowment for the Arts communications director Yosi Sergant is out of a job. Late this afternoon, the NEA released a short statement saying, “This afternoon Yosi Sergant submitted his resignation from the National Endowment for the Arts. His resignation has been accepted and is effective immediately.” The agency provided no further details.

Sergant had been under scrutiny after leading a controversial conference call on August 10, where he encouraged artists to create work to promote the Obama administration’s agenda. Sergant was initially removed from his post as communications director, but continued to work at the NEA.

See also here for more, including a link to new guidelines for the NEA.  The firing is not surprising, considering the way that Sergant was hung out to dry by his superiors. No word yet whether ACORN / Obama for America crony Buffy Wicks will suffer a similar sanction – or, indeed, any punishment at all for attempting to set up a shadow Ministry of Propaganda within the American governmental system.

It’s supposed to look ominous when written out like that. That’s because it is.

Moe Lane

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Greg Gutfield has exposed the 9/11 Conspiracy once and for all!

“Seriously, how much is Rosie O’Donnell paying you to say it’s the Jews?”

And – of course! – it’s in the last place you’d look:

Here’s how my very simple theory works: the common 9/11 truthers are – as a rule – unemployed, living at home, and nutritionally deficient due to a vigorously vegan diet. This gave them the free time, as well the depressed hostility (due to lack of animal protein) needed to plan the attacks. After the attacks, they were initially pleased that America mistakenly blamed bin Laden. But they also knew that, given time, after realizing the innocence of these young Islamic entrepreneurs, the scent of guilt would lead only to them.

Fiendish! Continue reading Greg Gutfield has exposed the 9/11 Conspiracy once and for all!