Guess I have to start adding ‘no anti-Semites’ to my ‘no AI’ and ‘no slave labor’ hard limits.

Believe me, I’m not thrilled that I have to actually type that out, either. Context: this contest is being held at GenCon, which is undoubtedly stretching the ‘anti-Zionism isn’t anti-Semitism!’ fig leaf to ridiculous limits as cover right now. Kind of glad I wasn’t going to be attending GenCon anyway, if I’m being honest…

Only Homophobes Hate Oil Sands.

God save us all from Crusading fanatical Greenies.

Why can’t we have more blunt talking like this in the States?  Canadian Alykhan Velshi of Ethical Oil, a relaunched site dedicated to promoting Canada’s oil reserves (particularly its oil sands reserves) is cheerfully trying to do well by doing good.

“When petroleum reserves were deposited around the world, it is unfortunate that they were all given to the world’s bastards,” he said. “With the exception of Canada, most of them are with the world’s bastards. You need to recognize that when you are buying oil.”

And, just to make sure that people get the point:

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