Collusion between Obama for America and Priorities USA on ‘their’ lying Soptic ads.

The Story So Far: two days ago, the Obama administration – using the fig-leaf/cutout of Super PAC Priorities USA – accused Mitt Romney of being a murderer because a company that Romney used to own closed down a steel mill (several years after Romney left that company) and that meant that the wife of the husband who lost his job at that steel mill (one Joe Soptic) didn’t have any insurance after the wife left her job several years after the layoff and several years after all of that the wife was diagnosed with cancer and then died.  As Erick notes in the link above: if that’s an acceptable logic chain that legitimately leads one to a charge of murder, then (to give just one example) this administration murdered US Border Agent Brian Terry and Eric Holder needs to give himself up right now.

But wait!  It gets even more convoluted.  You see, the Media is balkingabsolutely balking – at taking this line of attack seriously, and the Obama administration has already done its best to distance itself from the Priorities USA ad, to the point where Obama for America (OfA) spokesman Stephanie Cutter denied that they had any knowledge of Soptic’s story.

So… who’s that voice at the end of this conference call, Stephanie?  Your evil twin?

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Aww. Barack Obama *misses* the nice, civilized 2008 election cycle!


I was going to get awesomely cranky about how suddenly Barack Obama is nostalgic about campaigning against that nice John McCain, but then I realized: feeding a man’s narcissism by writing, long involved posts about him helps neither you, nor the narcissist.  So in the interests of Obama’s own mental hygiene, let me be brief:

In 2008 the Obama campaign released an ad that mocked John McCain for his inability to send an email – which infuriated people, because the reason why he can’t send an email is because his arms have never really worked properly after the North Vietnamese got done torturing him.  When Obama’s Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden dared mildly apologize for it, the Obama campaign humiliated Biden by having their lackey Bill Burton come out and retract Biden’s apology.

This is what passed for ‘civility’ in the 2008 election cycle – but I can understand why Obama would get all misty-eyed about those days.  It’s natural for a coward to remember fondly the times when his fights were all with people who wouldn’t – or couldn’t – fight back

Moe Lane (crosspost)

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#rsrh Bill Burton: anti-Native American bigot. @attackwatch

Such language, and from a supposedly good liberal, too.  Bolding mine:

“Democrats should be very nervous,” said Bill Burton, a former White House spokesman and senior strategist at Priorities USA, which is raising millions of dollars for the 2012 election. “They need to put on their war paint and get ready for what is going to be a very difficult battle.”

Vicious ethnic stereotyping AND violent rhetoric!  I‘m surprised that Bill didn’t go on to light a cigar and threaten to scalp Republicans in our sleep.

Moe Lane

PS: Bill Burton willingly participated in a contemptible defense of a scurrilous attack of a POW and true torture victim, just to make sure that his candidate (Barack Obama) won a Presidential election.  No forgiveness without repentance; and if Bill Burton doesn’t like having to follow the rules of his own faction’s speech code, Bill Burton’s welcome to challenge it in public.  Which he won’t dare do, of course; not enough moral fiber in his diet.

Gibbs to leave WH press secretary gig…

in order to pursue an exciting career as left center on Hollywood Squares – actually, is that program even still on?  No, just kidding: outgoing White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is going to have some nebulous job defending whatever dumb idea the President comes up with that day, just like before – only now Gibbs will be doing it in places where people can actually interrupt him when he says something particularly egregious.  In other words, he’s still going to be a dolt, but one who won’t get the same deference that Gibbs is used to getting, thanks to his (soon-to-be-former) position of trust and authority.  Something to look forward to*: in the meantime, here’s all the send-off the fellow needs.

A replacement has yet to be announced: but the front runner is probably Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton, who likes to mock crippled war veterans and former POWs.  So, really, an appeal to the Democratic activist base there.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Also: outside of our somewhat specialized arena, few people know who Gibbs is, and less care.  We probably all need to remember that.

Bill Burton petulant about CIA photo goof.

You know, I don’t really expect anyone from this administration to be gracious, or even polite, to either Republicans or conservatives.  It’s nice when it happens, but by and large the the executive branch doesn’t like us, they downright hate having to pretend that they do, and they get petulant about the whole thing.  So if it had been Brother Caleb or Michael Goldfarb asking this question, I’d expect that Bill Burton would be a bit of a schmuck about replying.

But why is he sneering like this to Ben Smith?

A photograph posted by the White House to the photo sharing website Flickr includes an image of a document with the letters CIA printed beneath what appears to be the word “secret.”


The other words on the visible portion of the document aren’t easily legible, and a White House spokesman, Bill Burton, dismissed it as innocuous in an email.

“Uh oh. Please don’t tell me that the enemy is now going to know what our fax coversheets look like. (That is indeed what it is.),” he emailed.

Aside from the fact that, actually, we don’t want the enemy to know what official fax cover-sheets look like – apparently, Burton is ignorant of the term ‘trashing‘; God only knows what he thinks ‘social engineering‘ refers to – this wasn’t a particularly gracious answer, particularly since the White House thought that the situation was important enough to remove the photo anyway.  Also, given that (as Ben noted) something like this cost a British counterterrorism officer his job earlier this month, you’d think that this might have resulted in a more serious response.

I’m being sarcastic, of course.  Nobody mentioned in this piece really expected any better from the White House.

Moe Lane

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