Tweet of the Day, I Will, Of Course, Be Seeing BLACK WIDOW In Theaters edition.

I’m tired of the New Normal, and miss the Old Normal. So the answer there is clear.

Where will BLACK WIDOW drop?

That is the question. The current answer? Reply hazy, ask again later. Disney wants to drop BLACK WIDOW in theaters, but that only works if there are theaters to drop the movie into, and people willing to go to them. I’m willing to go to them – I saw TENET in IMAX, as God and Christopher Nolan intended me to – but I’m weird. Also, honestly: I’m not yet vaccinated. They may be limiting movie admissions to people who have been*.

But if it drops in theaters, that would be spiff. I like MCU films in theaters. They’re big and loud and fun. And I miss that.

Moe Lane

*I have some hopes that I will get the shots before May.

BLACK WIDOW (perhaps) begins the transition to a primarily digital release.

At least, that’s my guess. BLACK WIDOW definitely won’t be released in theaters on May 1st, at least. And, contra GeekTyrant: I don’t think that they’re just going to delay theatrical release. There’s too much potential money on the table: this is the first MCU movie of the post-Endgame era. And it’s likely that Disney would like getting that money, too.

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Some details on the BLACK WIDOW flick.

Does involve Budapest; set between CIVIL WAR and INFINITY WAR; and will supposedly offer closure. Ehh, I don’t want “closure” in the BLACK WIDOW movie. I’m actually fine with how the character originally died: in the shadows, doing a very unpleasant job so that somebody else wouldn’t have to. Nah, what I want is a very kinetic action film where Black Widow can finally cut loose a little for more than a minute at a time.

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