Of *course* there would be a freaking blacklist of Trump general election political staffers.

Note the precise language, though. If Donald Trump gets the nomination, he would then proceed to lose the general election – and the people who run stuff for the rest of the Republican party would never, ever forget that. And since they’d themselves be on the hook for the loss*, well, best to have a sacrificial victim at hand, yes? And look: there are a bunch, right there.

Seriously, and contra Politico: it doesn’t matter if Donald Trump has a long memory of slights or not. He’s old, and won’t be the next President. But the people who work for him had best understand that their best hope is that Trump doesn’t get the nomination. Because they’re the ones who will be blamed for the loss. But people can be forgiven for youthful indiscretions…

Moe Lane

*Not by me, because if Donald Trump got the nomination I’d be out of this business anyway, out of sheer revulsion for the prospect. Retribution would thus be somebody else’s problem, because it certainly wouldn’t be mine.