MCU’s BLADE gets a director.

As is traditional, we will all now go “Who?”

Marvel Studios’ upcoming vampire movie Blade has taken a big step forward with the hiring of a director. The filmmaker that has been hired for the job is Bassam Tariq, who best known for directing the Riz Ahmed film Mogul Mowgli.

I’ve looked up the film, and it’s a 2020 drama that critics loved and nobody saw. Marvel Studios loves finding directors like that, frankly. All you have to do is give ’em creative control and a ton of money, and they’ll make you some blockbusters… okay, now that I’ve written that out it actually sounds like a pretty good deal for everybody involved. I mean, there are worse things out there for one’s future career prospects than having people go Oh, you did SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING? That was a good flick.

So let’s see how the new BLADE goes.

Wesley Snipes cool with neither being Blade, nor having to eat boiled chicken for the rest of eternity.

I’m guessing the latter part from context.

Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige shocked the world at Comic-Con when Mahershala Ali was announced as the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Blade. Ali takes over for Wesley Snipes, who played the Daywalker in the original trilogy. has obtained a statement from Snipes, telling fans of his to “chillaaxx” and embrace the new casting.

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Item Seed: Blade.

Blade – Google Docs



Description: a hilt, sized for a human hand, on one end and a blue ball of light about a foot away on the other (the ball can be extended out another two feet, or brought in to a minimum of three inches).  Connecting the two is a green line. Blade is designed pretty explicitly to not function if dropped, thrown, or ingeniously placed so as to eventually cause havoc, up to and including having it burrow down to the Earth’s core, while in the process causing a supervolcanic eruption that ends up destroying civilization in North America.  Yes, somebody tried that.

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So they’re talking about remaking Blade.

…OK, let’s maybe do something else, here.  I have a strange proposal, here: why don’t they just re-release Blade in theaters?  Clean it up, digitize it, do whatever it is that the computer wizards do. Then brazenly announce that the old sequels never happened and then do entirely new sequels that start up the story where the first Blade left off.

Because let’s be honest: there’s no point in redoing Blade.  You’re not going to get a better movie than the original.  But you can get a better movie than the original sequels, so let’s go with that.

Moe Lane

PS: No, Wesley Snipes would not be playing Blade in the sequels.  Embrace that. Lampshade it.  So what? Give Wesley points in the re-release of the first one, and he’ll probably be just fine with that.