Nothing could POSSIBLY go wrong with this Blockbuster revitalization plan.


Blockbuster DAO is a new social media handle that is trying to generate $5 million to buy the intellectual property rights to the Blockbuster Video brand from Dish Network, its current owner. The plan, according to FX Empire, who first reported the plans (via ComicBook), is to rebuild Blockbuster as a streaming service that they hope will revolutionize the film industry. A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, would run on the Blockchain and automate most decisions, ostensibly putting more power into the hands of viewers to determine the future of licenses and original programming on the streaming service and eliminating human error.

…Nothing, do you hear me? Nothing! This will not somehow result in the destruction of all the Works of Man. The Time of the Dark Machines is not at hand. This is not the prophetic testament that will herald that unholy gestation and grim apotheosis.

Why, the very idea is absurd.

Tweet (Thread) Of The Day, Some Anglican Church Nativity Scene Humor edition.

Well, sort of.  It’s actually funny! No, seriously, this guy’s got an enviable facility for turning a phrase.

Via @EsotericCD. Who is likewise getting in on this “cynically adding BlockChain to your name” craze.  I mean, why not?