The original Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines was released 15 years ago. On top of an absolute mouthful of a title, it was one of the best RPGs of its time, a memorable, heady mix of vampires and Los Angeles crime. It was also the epitome of a cult classic, which is to say it reviewed well but sold poorly. So it’s both a massive surprise and a welcome one that Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, a full-fat, also-a-mouthful sequel, was announced at GDC last night. It’s real, folks, and it’s scheduled to release in early 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Bloodlines 2 will take the series to a new city, Seattle, and expand upon the vampire society that made the first game great. You play as a young vampire who was forcibly turned as part of a taboo “Mass Embrace,” and who must now learn to navigate a bloody political landscape. 

I never dared hope for a sequel. I was almost afraid of one. But this… this is awesome. While… :checking: …yup, still almost afraid of it. What if it’s not as good?

Welp, guess we’ll see…

Just finished Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines.

It’s good. It’s very good, particularly considering that it was made almost a decade and a half ago.  I don’t know if I’m ready to turn around and play it again, but that’s largely because it commanded a good deal of my attention and I’m ready to recharge my videogame immersion batteries a bit.  If you have the cash to pick it up, do so… AND GET THE UNOFFICIAL PATCH.  They were not kidding when they said that the unofficial patch converted Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines from a tragically flawed masterpiece into just a masterpiece.

Moe Lane

PS: Toreador Queen of the Girl Scouts who went Camarilla in the end, of course. Not that I had any issue with the Anarchs; it was just that I was, well, Toreador. Chaos might be good for art, but it’s typically very, very bad on art.  If I run through again I figure I can go Malkavian Anarch then.

So I started playing VTM: Bloodlines for real today…

…and even in the World of Freaking Darkness I’m STILL apparently determined to play the freaking Queen of the Girl Scouts. It’s kind of embarrassing, really. The computer said Yup, you’re a Toreador and that was, as they say, apparently that. I haven’t even left Santa Monica yet and I’m already maxed out on Humanity points.

This is absurd.  Also, fun.

Moe Lane

PS: I’d recommend getting Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines on GOG, actually. Which is an admission against interest, as they don’t give out referral cash. But GOG makes it easier to get the unofficial patch that you apparently so badly, badly need.

So apparently my inner vampire is a Toreador.

I was essentially handed some cash and told to go buy Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines; so I did. Who am I to argue about something like that? Since it’s been a while for me when it comes to White Wolf mechanics, I let the computer pick my Clan for me after answering some questions… and apparently my video game characters are not typically Malkavians.  This is a bit of a surprise to me. Shouldn’t be, I guess.

Anyway, I thought that it was funny that I’m going to be running a video game as a Toreador. I’ll let people know how it goes. And yes, I downloaded the Special Patch of Fan-Based Awesome Restoration.

So, is the Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines computer RPG coming back?


The sharp-eyed folks at RPG Codex noticed something interesting yesterday: In late April, White Wolf Publishing filed for a trademark on “Vampire Bloodlines,” to cover “downloadable publications in relation to role-playing games; downloadable publications in relation to computer games; video game software; application software for mobile phones; computer game software.”


…White Wolf and all its properties were acquired last year by Paradox Interactive. Paradox Interactive published Obsidian’s 2015 fantasy RPGPillars of Eternity, and will do the same for the recently-announced Tyranny. And Obsidian—this is where it gets good—recently signed up Leonard Boyarsky, who was the project lead on Bloodlines, and is thus now back together with Tim Cain, who worked as a programmer on the game.

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Michelle Nunn cowardly refuses to stand with Barack Obama.

Why is it so difficult for a Democrat to admit that he or she voted for Barack Obama?

That’s a rhetorical question, of course. What’s not rhetorical is the question: will the Democratic party do anything about this?  After all, when Alison Grimes did pretty much the same thing the Democrats cut her loose and left her out to dry. But I suspect that they will not do this to Michelle Nunn, and here’s why… Continue reading Michelle Nunn cowardly refuses to stand with Barack Obama.