It took me a frightening long time to realize…

…that the child was in bed; I did not have to keep the Thomas The Tank Engine DVD running.  This stuff is like crack cocaine for him: between that and Bob the Builder he’s mesmerized.  I’m also beginning to understand why there are so many episodes of both, and it’s not corporate greed.  It’s because parents are ready to hear a different episode after the fiftieth time that they heard the last one.

Yes, actually, I do have to blog about this.  It keeps the chanting minions at bay.

So, this “Yes, we can!” thing.

So I’m watching what will probably be the first of many, many, many, many Bob the Builder videos – it’s absolutely fascinating to my son – and I’m wondering: we are aware that this is where the President got that slogan, yes?

Yes, I know that the mythology has it as him getting it from Cesar Chavez.  I wonder how many people who believe that happen to have kids.

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