#rsrh #ows So, how did that sonic cannon thing work out?

Apparently last night/early this morning the Chicago cops sent out a Long Range Acoustic Device, or LRAD, to disperse the rioters… excuse me, the ‘peaceful protesters*’.  If you’ve never seen one of these before, well, that probably means that you’re more used to activism on the Tea Party model.  Oddly enough, the police rarely if ever need to use crowd-suppression devices on crowds that end their protests by cleaning up all their loose trash and depositing it in the nearest public waste receptacle.

Think about that, ye Occupiers.  Also: the hygienic and social advantages of soap and deodorant.

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Goshen College bans the Star Spangled Banner.

(Via Instapundit) For the record: I give Mennonites a bit of a pass on peace issues, largely because I don’t get the impression that they routinely change their views in order to benefit the Democratic party*.  The Republic has endured the pacifism of the Mennonites without collapsing for two centuries and a bit, now: presumably we will endure a bit longer, even if one of their colleges doesn’t want to play the National Anthem at sporting events, the hyper-sensitive, freeloading ninnies**.

Still, this response to the Goshen College Board of Directors is… well, read it.

Responding to the decision, President Brenneman said, “I am convinced that Goshen College is on a challenging and rewarding journey toward becoming a more diverse institution that serves an increasingly diverse community. I am hopeful that this resolution will help Goshen College move forward together, and focus on finding new ways to welcome students from our local and regional community.”

What does that even mean?

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