Let’s workshop this rum and cider drink!

I’m kind of avoiding writing tonight, for some reason; but I didn’t really need an excuse to use this…

…as an opportunity to throw together a hot rum and apple cider drink. Nothing fancy: shot of rum, apple cider, a touch of caramel syrup, a splash of lemon, and a little ground cinnamon and cloves. The whole thing worked fine as a rough-and-ready hot drink, with the emphasis on ‘rough.’ It had a bit of a bite to it, and I don’t think the caramel worked the way I wanted to. There should probably also been more cider, but I didn’t want to cool the drink.

Thoughts? The immediate one I had was adding one or more of orange and/or orange peel, nutmeg, and brown sugar. But I’m willing to entertain suggestions.

#rsrh Normally, I’d say something like “Don’t drink and tweet”…

…after seeing something like this, but let’s be honest: Drinking and Tweeting is absolutely awesome.  When it’s not your side doing the drinking/tweeting, at least.

Not that I can prove that “alcohol may have been involved.”  It’s just a reasonably safe way to bet*.

Moe Lane

*(singing) “Pub-lic fi-gure doc-trine!”  I figure that if Alec Baldwin can say that Cheney/Rumsfeld should be put on trial for murder, I can suggest that Baldwin might have been drunk when he wrote that.