Hey, did Hillary Clinton and Americans United For Change just violate federal campaign law?

(H/T: @SonnyBunch) Probably not, but they should have to at least explain this one.

Remember, by the way: these people are advocates for even stricter campaign finance laws than the ones they have. They therefore have to be better about this sort of thing than their opponents. Myself, I think that it’s absurd that this sort of thing could even be arguably illegal, but then I think that most campaign finance laws are absurd anyway. Hillary Clinton doesn’t have this excuse*.

You ever get the feeling that the Democratic party leadership has an inherent difficulty at understanding just how badly emails can blow up in your face, if you’re not careful?

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*Said excuse she should be intimately familiar with, because… well, perhaps we shouldn’t go there.

#rsrh DNC shill can’t remember [D-CAND, AK-SEN].

Via Jim Geraghty, meet Brad Woodhouse, who came to a discussion of the Alaskan Senate race with precisely zero clue of who his own party’s Senate nominee is.

As some may remember, I am not exactly happy with Woodhouse – I dislike it when party flacks try to irresponsibly fundraise, and by ‘irresponsibly fundraise’ I mean ‘deliberately use inflammatory language to raise money without worrying that it might encourage violent stalkers of the other side’s politicians‘ – but this relieves me, in its way. It raises the hopeful possibility that when Woodhouse was inciting violence on the DNC’s behalf earlier in the year he wasn’t cognitively capable of understanding what he was doing.

DNC risks dead GOP Congressman… for $505.

Even the amount is insulting.

As you have undoubtedly heard by now, the FBI has arrested one Norman Leboon for death threats made against Congressman Eric Cantor, in the wake of the Democratic National Committee’s fear-mongering fundraising drive regarding… threats of organized GOP violence. This is not, by the way, the first time that Leboon has fallen for the Democratic’s party cynical agitprop; he was one of the plaintiffs in an anti-FISA lawsuit a few years back. So there’s a history there of him believing whatever nonsense that the Democrats fed him.

Well. Turns out he’s an Obama contributor from 2008, too. See here for the H/T, and see here for a video where he identifies himself as “Norman Leboon Sr.”  Sounds good enough to avoid the question mark I had in the title, so I’d like to ask Brad Woodhouse of the Democratic National Committee something (seeing as he was the guy who so publicly dismissed the need to ratchet down the rhetoric): what are you going to do to get rid of this blood money, Brad?  I mean, personally.

And another question: what were you going to say to Eric Cantor’s wife if the FBI hadn’t caught this guy in time?  Assuming that it wouldn’t have been a moot point anyway.


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