Bruce Braley is, ah, ‘re-configuring’ his campaign staff.

Like one does: “Iowa Democratic Senate hopeful Bruce Braley has shaken up his campaign, parting ways with admaker Larry Grisolano and pollster Diane Feldman after Republican Joni Ernst emerged from the primary with more momentum than anticipated, three sources confirmed to POLITICO.”

…Well, for given values of ‘one.’ Like, say, when ‘one’ means ‘a candidate who is suddenly discovering that the incumbency advantage of the now-retiring officeholder is not particularly transferable.’ What’s interesting here is that the two staffers involved were both long-time Obama hirelings; what’s even more interesting is that the campaign fired them last month and hid the news for as long as possible.  Says quite a few things about the Braley campaign, none of which are good but all of which are amusing. Continue reading Bruce Braley is, ah, ‘re-configuring’ his campaign staff.

Bruce Braley’s (D-CAND, Iowa-SEN) Fowl Play: legal threats against special ed therapist neighbor.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because Bruce Braley has a restraining order out on it.

Let me give you the executive summary of this story: Democrat Bruce Braley is running (increasingly in a flailing-type manner) for Senate in Iowa.  He’s currently in the middle of a dispute with one of his neighbors because one of the latter’s chickens ended up at Braley’s vacation home at Holiday Lake, Iowa*. Which happens, and as it turns out Braley won that dispute: the chicken-owner (who uses them as part of her duties as a therapist**) was told by the Holiday Lake Housing Association to contain her chickens. So, problem solved, right?

Wrong! Bruce Braley is a trial lawyer, remember? Continue reading Bruce Braley’s (D-CAND, Iowa-SEN) Fowl Play: legal threats against special ed therapist neighbor.

Iowa Republicans: please consider extra campaigning assistance for Joni Ernst for the next two weeks.

She’s off serving her country.

Republicans are appealing to Iowans to help campaign for Joni Ernst while she’s on leave for two weeks for active duty training.

Ernst, a candidate for Iowa’s open U.S. Senate seat and a battalion commander in the Iowa Army National Guard, leaves Friday for Fort McCoy for annual training.

The Iowa Republican party expects Bruce Braley to go after Joni Ernst during this time – Braley always did like cheap shots as a political strategy* – so they’re asking for special help during the next two weeks. So if you’re a Republican from Iowa: details on how you can help here.

(H/T: Hot Air)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Joni Ernst for US Senate.

*You know, it’d be one thing if Bruce Braley was consistently in favor of using the IRS to target political organizations that he doesn’t like.  It’d be a horrible thing, but it’d be at least an honest opinion.  But  this one-of-you act he’s been doing is kind of pathetic. Last time I checked: Iowans believed in the rights of freedom of assembly and petition to redress grievances.

Oops, sorry, that’s language from the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Shoot, I keep forgetting that Braley and his fellow legislators have apparently never read the primary source material.

Bruce Braley (D CAND, IOWA-SEN) is a farmer of LIES.

You know, the DSCC had one job.  ONE:

Democrat Bruce Braley, who was caught on tape in January making a remark that seemed to besmirch Iowa farmers, has been caught on tape seemingly claiming to be one.

“We’re farmers,” a parade attendee appears to tells Braley, a U.S. Senate candidate, during the Fourth of July parade in Iowa Falls last weekend.

“So am I,” Braley answers in a video shared with The Des Moines Register today.

The Des Moines Register then went on to list the ways that Bruce Braley is not, indeed, a farmer: which is to say, pretty much every way, because Bruce Braley is not a farmer. He’s a politician who sucks up to out-of-state trial lawyers by mocking farmers.  The Braley campaign is trying to pretend that the man heard it as ‘We’re for farmers.’  I dunno. You tell me:
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Bruce Braley pushed IRS to crack down on Tea Party groups.

Of course he did: Bruce Braley is, after all, a liberal lawyer-loving Democrat.

Four days after the head of the Internal Revenue Service denied the agency was targeting conservative social welfare organizations applying for tax exempt status, Rep. Bruce Braley signed a letter urging a probe into the political activities of social welfare organizations.

Braley was one of 30 Democratic members of Congress who signed the letter, dated March 26, 2012, to IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman urging him to investigate whether “any groups qualifying as social welfare organizations under section 501(c)(4) of the federal tax code are improperly engaged in political campaign activity.”

Braley later – as in, ‘after the 2012 election’ – called the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups ‘shameful.’  Which it certainly was: but they learned it from you, Bruce!  They learned it from you.

Via the Washington Free Beacon.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

Bruce Braley (D CAND, Iowa-SEN) equates lawyering to farm work.

I would appreciate it if Bruce Braley would start pacing himself on the stupid things that he says: I don’t think that it’s fair to let one goofball monopolize my attention (and front page space).  We have quite a while before November hits, so there’s no reason why Rep. Braley can’t complete his self-humiliation in a measured and efficient fashion. Although I do admit that he has a talent for this sort of thing:

“One of my highest honors as a lawyer was being invited to the home of my clients to share a meal. It was no different than putting up hay all day in Poweshiek County and sitting down to dinner at noon with the farm family I was helping that day.”

Oh, dearContinue reading Bruce Braley (D CAND, Iowa-SEN) equates lawyering to farm work.

Keywords: ‘Bruce Braley’ ‘Trail of Tears’ ‘Apology’. #iasen

I think that this man is not really ready for prime time.

Braley apologizes for ‘Trail of Tears’ tweet

Democratic U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa quickly deleted a Twitter message he posted Thursday night that linked basketball fans’ heartbreak with a tragic chapter in American history.

Or Bruce Braley is now just in that magical place where everything he does wrong gets magnified, because he’s That Guy now. I actually do feel a little bad about that, but only because it’s good for me personally to do so. Professionally I’m amused as all get-out that the duly designated Democratic Senate nominee for Iowa can’t catch a break.

Moe Lane

Bruce Braley (D-CAND, IOWA Senate) cannot spell the words ‘detasseling’ and ‘baling.’

Admittedly, the first one I might have gotten wrong, too (even I freaking know the difference between ‘bailing’ and ‘baling’). But this has not been a good week for the future Democratic nominee:

The Braley campaign misspelled a couple of basic Iowa-farm-related words – detasseling and baling – in its press release defending the U.S. Senate candidate’s street cred with farms and farmers.

A sharp-eyed Des Moines Register editor noticed that the news release said: “Bruce grew up in rural Iowa and worked on Iowa farms, detassling corn and bailing hay.”

You have to wonder whether Iowa Democrats are wondering whether or not to just cut Braley off at the knees and push their resources into other races. If this keeps up, they may be well-advised to do just that. Continue reading Bruce Braley (D-CAND, IOWA Senate) cannot spell the words ‘detasseling’ and ‘baling.’

Permit me to translate Gov. Terry Branstad’s remarks about Bruce Braley..

This would be about Bruce Braley’s stunningly inept campaign stumble*, by the way. Governor Branstad:

Branstad, who talked with reporters Wednesday after an Iowa Statehouse bill signing ceremony to revise Iowa’s corn promotion checkoff, was unrelenting in his remarks about Braley’s criticism of Grassley.

“I think it is awful. I think it is terrible, that somebody running for office in Iowa would go to Texas to raise money from trial lawyers and then put down our senior senator and the farmers of the state of Iowa,” Branstad said. “And I think that this is something that Iowans will not forget. Agriculture is something that is important to this state, and we were there in the nation’s Capitol to honor one of the greatest humanitarians of all time who was a farmer, who became a great agriculture researcher and saved a billion people. And it is just unthinkable.”

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Sixteen thousand Iowans won’t have health care because of @BruceBraley. #obamacare

Why is that?

Nearly 16,000 Iowans who tried to apply for coverage via the glitch-plagued federal health insurance website are being told to apply separately through the state Department of Human Services.

The Friday afternoon announcement stems from a kink in, which is a key part of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

The issue affects Iowans who entered their information into and received a notice that they might qualify for Medicaid, the public health insurance program for the poor. The federal computer system was supposed to transfer their applications to a state computer system, but the transfer has been complicated by technical problems. The timing is critical, because the new insurance coverage is supposed to take effect on New Year’s Day, which is Wednesday.

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