Buzzfeed tries to sling mud at Tim Huelskamp… and hits itself, instead.

If you’ve ever wondered what an embarrassing retraction looks like, here you go.  This is one of the more painful ones I’ve seen:

Before: “Republican Congressman Says Women ‘Desperately Looking For A Husband'”


After: “Republican Congressman Tells Men: Wives ‘Desperately’ Need Their Husbands To Step Up”


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Hey, you wanna see Buzzfeed call @toure an idiot?

Speaking professionally, this was nicely done.

MSNBC Host Says Senate Dems Only Support Obamacare Fix Because Their States Are Gerrymandered

Senate seats cannot be gerrymandered.

You get the subtext (“…Dumbass.”) before you even get past the subtitle.  We all give Buzzfeed grief, and they usually deserve it – but they do know where to put the stiletto blade, don’t they?

…Ayup. Ayup, I’ve seen these critters in other sites’ comments sections.

I’d like to tut-tut this Buzzfeed article (“The 12 Types Of People You Find In News Website Comments“), but…

7. Jazz bigots.

Kay Traits: Not constrained by the normal boundaries of bigotry, they improvise and riff on classic hatreds to create crazy new freeform be-bop slurs so unique that you can only think “wow, I had no idea that could even be a prejudice.”
Typical Quotes: There are no typical Jazz Bigot quotes.

…as a site moderator for RedState* I was laughing too hard. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m just encouraging Buzzfeed.

Moe Lane



*My commenters here, of course, are all perfectly lovely people who make an effort to behave with each other** and play nice.

**And buy me things.

This is a really dumb Buzzfield articOH COOL…

…Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory shares my birthday.

Depressingly, though: Dexter will be eligible to vote in the 2016 election.


Buzzfeed’s taking @josecanseco to #NERDPROM.

Alas, doesn’t quite scan: still, Buzzfeed asked… oh, let Fishbowl DC tell the story:

Last night just before the clock struck midnight, BuzzFeed had an important flash of thought — why not ask José Canseco, a former Major League Baseball outfielder who partakes in some of the funniest online meltdowns, to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner? Not to be forgotten was this R.I.P. love note to the very much alive Al Gore: “al gore was a head of his time .i miss him rest in peace buddy hug for u”

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Buzzfeed: upset that the NRA not rushing to get shooting details wrong, like… Buzzfeed did.


Buzzfeed: How The NRA Twitter Handles A Mass Shooting: Silence


Huffington Post: Media Initially Identify Adam Lanza, Newtown Shooting Suspect, As Ryan Lanza, His Brother

Before these developments, a number of news sites — including The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Gawker, Mediaite, Slate and Fox News — linked to a Facebook profile of someone named Ryan Lanza, saying either that he was or that he appeared to be the gunman.

However, Lanza quickly scotched the speculation by taking to his Facebook page after people began attacking him from all sides. He responded to critics by saying that it was not him—that he was at work when the shooting occurred—but his picture and profile had already made its way around the web as the shooter. A Ryan Lanza on Twitter was also misidentified by fellow users. “So [apparently] im getting spammed bc someone with the same name as me killed some ppl… wtf?,” he wrote.

BuzzFeed removed its story, “First Possible Photo Of Suspected Sandy Hook Shooter” after it became clear the website identified the wrong person.

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The Soon-To-Be-Epic Buzzfeed/State Department Email Meltdown.

Submitted without comment.  Unless a (NSFW) warning counts.  Or my eyebrow – which is not so much ‘raised’ as it is ‘in low Earth orbit’ – does.

Moe Lane

PS: OK, one comment… Yes, indeed, you are not the only person out there who thinks that neither side won that exchange.