My friend Caleb Howe wrote a good post… (NSFW)

…on Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s (INDEPENDENT.  Not Republican.  INDEPENDENT) abortive attempt to start going after NYC’s booze…

God.  The thought of a Manhattan without alcohol is… chilling.  Wrong.  It’d be like Gotham City without Batman. Continue reading My friend Caleb Howe wrote a good post… (NSFW)

‘It’s a meme, which is a Yankee word…’

‘…for something that’s really popular.’ That’s from RS colleague (and friend) Caleb Howe, during his time with the American Liberty Tour. Some good stuff here:

Pay particularly close attention to the assumption that some in the Republican party’s leadership are making.

Moe Lane

PS: The Shirt. And its imitators.

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Help a guy out?

[UPDATE] Now unstickied.  Thanks to everybody who contributed.

[UPDATE] Caleb’s also put up a post here about what he hopes to do in the next stage of all of this.  Check it out.

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This isn’t for me: this is for one of my colleagues over at RedState. He’s Caleb Howe/ “absentee,” and he’s the guy who caught Don Fowler laughing at Hurricane Gustav’s impact on New OrleansContinue reading Help a guy out?