Phone cameras saved these fools’ lives.

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About a minute of footage from the 9/11 Biker March thing today.

Not much really to say about the footage itself – I happened to need gas this morning and I live just north of DC, so I shot some quick footage:

…but I do want to remind people: they keep making it easier and easier to upload video, these days.  This was taken on my old iPod Touch, uploaded to YouTube with one click (once I had a WiFi signal), and once it was uploaded YouTube pretty much removed all the shaky cam with the click of a button.  You know me; I like to harp on the need for cameras at all times.  And truthfully? It’s getting hard to walk around without a video camera, these days.

So if you have a phone or a mp3 player or a tablet, play around with it a little.  You might discover that you’ve got a pretty potent tool, there.

OK, here’s the problem with the Flip camera.

Background: Cisco is shutting down its Flip camera division, apparently because smartphone cameras are kicking Flip’s posterior.  Glenn Reynolds notes that in a confrontation most people would rather lose their cameras than their phones; I agree with that, but I have to admit that the Flip has fallen out of favor with me as a video camera.  It’s mostly because transferring video from the Flip is… kind of annoying, actually.   I’ve stopped taking it to places, instead relying on my Canon PowerShot SD1200IS 10 MP Digital Camera; I bought that to take pictures, but honestly the video features serve my needs and the footage is saved in a format that can be directly ported over to Adobe.  Plus, the Canon is both lighter and less conspicuous; which may be a feature for some…