Tweet of the Day, You Can Go Sledding Down Capitol Hill Now! edition.

Frankly, this should have been done years… no. This should never have been forbidden in the first place. It’s our Hill, dammit.

Bees invade Capitol Hill!


In an unusual sight on Capitol Hill Friday afternoon, beekeepers were called in to capture and remove about 15,000 honey bees that had swarmed around the main Senate entrance of the U.S. Capitol Building, frightening onlookers before landing in a tree.

I’ve had bees try to move into my house, and it’s a weird experience.  One wonders, though: why would a hive of bees move into Congress?  I mean, bees are a potent symbol of Industry, while Congress is an equally potent symbol of Sloth: combine the two, and won’t something explode in response?

WHOSE hill? OUR hill! WHOSE hill? OUR hill!

WHOSE hill?

The Capitol Police killed the hopes and dreams of thousands of D.C.-area children (and at least a few dozen Hill staffers) Wednesday night when it reaffirmed a city ban on sledding on the Capitol grounds.

OUR hill!

Merrymaking insurgents struck a major victory in the War On Fun Thursday, sledding to their hearts’ content on the Capitol Hill West Lawn and forcing the police into a retreat.

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