The Matter of (Captain) America.

One thousand, three hundred and twenty-four words; that’s how many words it took for Salon’s Bob Calhoun to make the case (including, I expect, to himself) that it’s OK for liberals to be into Captain America*.  It’s kind of sad, really: can’t the stone-cold hardcore Lefties just like Cap for what he is? Yup: rhetorical question: if they did, they wouldn’t have tried, I don’t know, shooting him in the back or something.

Which reminds me: “Cap was right.”

Moe Lane

*The answer to the question “Whose side would he be on?” is, by the way: America’s.  That’s sort of the point of Captain America, really: we’re all expected to work out what he’s a symbol of on our own and stop bugging him while he’s out fighting Nazis.

Let us evaluate the Captain America teaser ad.

Only thirty seconds, but that’s OK.  So:

  • 1940’s look? Check.
  • Red Skull? Check.
  • Patriotic motif for Cap? Check.
  • Nazi flying wing aircraft?  Check.
  • General Nazi-punching?  Check.

OK, those are all reasonably good signs… wait a second: is that Adolf Hitler about to get punched in his own experimental one-man submarine?

Because if so… Awwww yeah, baby.  Just keep bringing more helpings of that to the table.

Moe Lane

PS: I am ready to believe that it is not, but I am not eager to.