False alarm on the Applebaum exploding car thing.

Gawker is not exactly on my Christmas card list, but I’ll happily admit that this is a good lead sentence:

Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum is A) married to a high-ranking Polish politician, and B) critical of Russia’s shady government, which makes it—in the most general way—kind of alarming that her car blew up yesterday.

Turns out to just be a false alarm (“The Russian Mafia Did Not Bomb My Car“).  This time.

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously, Ms. Appelbaum: criticizing the Russian government is apparently not low-risk journalism.  The latest one was last month: regional television journalist Olga Kotovskayasupposedly committed suicide via jumping from a building – the day after she won a court case regarding her illegally-seized news station. Stuff like this keeps happening to critics of the Russian government: I think that you may be discounting the subtle protection that an American passport gives you…