#rsrh Things got worse for NBPP apologists.

They may think that things got better, now that there’s apparently this big brouhaha over who is politicizing what in the DoJ/CCR dispute over the way the former let the NBPP walk away from sanctions voter intimidation. Nope! They got worse. Do you know why they got worse? Because now it’s becoming a mess. And do you know how they resolve messes in Dizzy City, particularly when high-ranking members of the opposition party are raising a stink?

Allahpundit knows:

Time for a special prosecutor to resolve the facts, perhaps?

If you didn’t wince, congratulations: you have not been captured by the Beltway yet. If you did, look on the bright side: it’s going to blow up in the Democrats’ faces this time. If you’re unhappy about that, well: kharma. It’s what’s for dinner; and besides, you can always get vicarious revenge in the next Republican administration. That’s how these things invariably go, really.

Moe Lane

PS: If you suspect that all of this means that I think that special prosecutors are a dumb idea in general… yup, I do.  Because they are.