I challenge you to read this Arizona-07 story without breaking down in helpless laughter.

This Slate article by Dave Weigel starts promisingly:

 On Aug. 26, Democratic voters in Arizona will choose a successor to 7th Congressional District Rep. Ed Pastor. It’s a safe, blue seat, covering the most liberal parts of Phoenix and Glendale. And it’s heavily Hispanic. That’s what led a Republican trickster named Scott Fistler to pay $319 to legally change his name, to “Cesar Chavez,” and attempt to get on the ballot.

…and then proceeds to get even better. So, so much better.  I was howling by paragraph six. Trolling level: CRYSTALLINE PERFECTION.  That’s the best-spent $319 I’ve seen spent in a long, long time.


So, this “Yes, we can!” thing.

So I’m watching what will probably be the first of many, many, many, many Bob the Builder videos – it’s absolutely fascinating to my son – and I’m wondering: we are aware that this is where the President got that slogan, yes?

Yes, I know that the mythology has it as him getting it from Cesar Chavez.  I wonder how many people who believe that happen to have kids.

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