Hey, that magic CGI bread Rey had in Star Wars?

It wasn’t CGI.

They totally CGI-ed that bread into existence, didn’t they? Wrong, says special effects supervisor Chris Corbould, who spoke with MTV News about what went into making that single moment.

“Surprisingly that was done practically, although so many people have said to me, ’we thought that was a digital effect!’” Corbould said.

Took ’em three months to get those few seconds of footage right, and of course you wouldn’t want to eat the stuff, but: they did that effect the old-fashioned way. That happened a lot in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is one reason why the movie is a monster.  And not the smallest reason why, either.

You know, it’s not as if I *wanted* to catalog the state #obamacare Litanies Of Failure. #massachusetts

It just seems to be working out that way: Mass. may cancel payments for botched Obamacare website

Yesterday’s nine-hour shutdown of the state’s Obamacare website was a waste of time, Health Connector executive director Jean Yang said during this morning’s Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority Board meeting — the latest debacle that has the state considering whether to cancel payments due to the contractor.

“The vendor told us about early evening yesterday that the deployment was not going as scheduled so we decided to stop that,” Yang said. The shutdown during the key enrollment week — designed to implement a series of upgrades and fixes — was originally scheduled for 15 hours.

The CGI-built website and database system has “consistently” underperformed, state health connector officials said, and the state may seek to cancel the remainder of the money due to the contractor. Canada-based CGI also built the problem-plagued national Obamacare website.

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