Attn: my Patreon patrons.

Please click here for an announcement regarding my Patreon, going forward. Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad; I’ve just decided to dedicate a portion of my monthly proceeds to charity. Specifically, St. Ann’s Center for Children, Youth and Families. I think that it’s one that fits my charity criteria earlier — even if I do want to add that Oxford Comma. Ach, well: nothing is perfect.

I need a good Maryland-based charity for single parents.

The usual caveats: one where the money all goes to services, it has a good past record, and where I can do monthly automatic contributions. Religious-affiliated charities are fine, of course. I would prefer that assistance to one-parent families be the primary focus, but a general support charity would be an acceptable substitute.

My RedState piece on Team Trump’s VA Charity woes.

Found here. Short version? Somebody over at Team Trump has fornicated the canine when it comes to all that veteran charity money Donald Trump supposedly raised.  Not Trump himself, most likely; but somebody in his staff. There’s allegedly three million or so that hasn’t been accounted for… and finding out precisely what happened should prove amusing in 2017.  Because people go to jail for stuff like this.

Opinions on immigration should not be pertinent to emergency mercy and charity.

I’m very much with Erick Erickson on this one:

Charity and mercy are Christian values. I look at the deep and hostile reaction to Glenn Beck’s effort of late to provide charity to the illegal immigrants at the border and I am shaking my head at some of my fellow Christians and fellow conservatives.

I do not think the government should be helping these people stay here. I do not think the government should be bussing them to other places. I do not think we should let these people stay here. But I think while here we should, in private charity, show mercy and give comfort where we can.

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I was tempted to hype up that tomorrow’s the last day… (Charity post)

…to do your shopping on and still get your stuff by Christmas; but, heck, most of you people are probably already on Prime anyway and as such are not particularly under the gun yet.

So, here: my charity suggestions.

  • Toys for Tots. They’ll always take cash donations.
  • American Red Cross. Disaster relief; enough said.
  • And… I wanted to do a clean water charity here, but I’m still trying to figure out which one is the best one.  Sorry about that.

Feel free to offer suggestions.

Obligatory reminder.

A lot of folks running sites on the Internet rely on their Amazon affiliate sites and tip jars*. And God knows that the holidays can be stressful for them.  So don’t forget your favorite websites this Christmas season.

That goes for the lurkers, too.  The Left-sphere has to pretty much cough up a lung to get its readership to cough up a buck, the poor bastards.

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