rediscovers its anti-Semitic, racist roots: endorses [apologizes to] racist anti-Semite Charles Barron for NY-08. [UPDATED and corrected.]

[Well, this is embarrassing: Jeffries of course won his nomination, because the Good Lord looks after fools, drunks, and the United States of America. Everybody have a good laugh at me; I somehow crossed wires on this one. Corrections and annotations below.- Moe Lane]

Politicker has the background. Basically, it went down like this: over in NY-08 the choice for the Democratic nomination was between Hakeem Jeffries and Charles Barron. The major difference between the two was that Mr. Jeffries did not have a history of praising Muammar Qaddafi and Robert Mugabe, calling Israel a terrorist nation, and/or advocating physical attacks on white people*… and while in a civilized party having an opponent who did all these things would pretty much guarantee you the nomination, in the Democratic party none of this is an insurmountable obstacles to a nomination. So, – like a good little fully-owned subsidiary (and toady) of the Democratic establishment, went full-bore against Mr. Barron. To quote them: “There are some people who don’t belong in elected office. Charles Barron is one of those people.” Which is a reasonable statement, no matter what your partisan alignment is, right?

Alas… Charles Barron won [lost, thank God] his nomination battle, so you’d expect to then put basic human decency about abjectly pitiful partisanship and start [be happy about it (and never mind backing Republican Alan Bellone)]... HAHAHA! I slay myself. No, of course went into full reverse and started begging Barron’s pardon:

Last month, you received an email from MoveOn about Councilman Charles Barron, a candidate for Congress in your district. It was offensive and inflammatory—and we shouldn’t have sent it.

On behalf of the MoveOn staff, I apologize to you and to the Brooklyn community.

Although I half-believe that apology represents true regret, actually. It must have been quite a strain for to not cleave to the Jew-hating racist in the first place; being able to go back to Charles Barrons’ bigoted embrace must have been fundamentally reassuring to them on, and I use the term fairly loosely, a spiritual level. In that context it’s almost a shame that Barron made them crawl like that, but then… it’s They chose a long time ago to be convenient… receptacles… for their Democratic betters; I can’t be expected to respect them if they won’t even respect themselves. [Umm… actually, that pretty much can stay the same.  In fact, the fact that Barron lost this race reinforces the above paragraph.]

One last note: during their earlier – and possibly? probably? forced – disapproval of Charles Barron, sought to insult Barron by calling him the dirtiest term in their particular, and rather debased, lexicon (‘tea partier’). Two points about that. One, the typical length of time that any filth-mongering racist scum of Barron’s caliber would spend at a Tea Party function before being shown the door would be, at best, measured in minutes. Second: while I understand that is upset that the Tea Party gets respect while it does not, I politely suggest that one major reason why this would be so is because the Tea Party’s favored reaction to losing a particular internal political fight is not to abjectly surrender. [As well as winning a particular internal political fight, too.  Seriously: the more I think about it, the more depraved this apology is.  The bad guy lost this primary, remember? So why apologize to him?]

Have a nice day! [Also still true: and, in fact, I am keeping this up on RS’s front page anyway.  This is pretty disgusting stuff on’s part, really.]

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*They were also upset that Charles Barron is against same-sex marriage. I happen to disagree with him on that, too – but I’m not seeing where that’s even close in equivalence to suggesting that the entire nation of Israel is made up of terrorists. Opposing same-sex marriage is, in point of fact, one of two mainstream positions in American contemporary political thought; while Barron’s blind hatred of Israel is a fringe position found only among the most miserable of wretches.

#rsrh Reminder: NY Congressional primaries are tomorrow.

Speaking as an American, I hope that Charlie Rangel loses in NY-13 and that Charles Barron loses in NY-08. Speaking as a Republican, I will be of course supporting their Republican opponents in the general election.  Speaking as a partisan hack, I find the possibility that both will win their elections and then proceed to further embarrass the Democratic party to be… thrilling.

I think that covers it.

#rsrh I do not want the Democrats to nominate anti-Semite racist Charles Barron for NY-08.

Because, you know, I respect Congress as an institution, and I don’t want racists and anti-Semites infesting it. So I hope that the news that David Duke has endorsed Charles Barron for that race will serve as a wake-up call for that district’s voters and political infrastructure.  So that’s understood, right?  Charles Barron = bad news.  Don’t nominate him.

But if the Democrats do nominate a racist anti-Semite with a history of advocating race-based violence… well, if you think that I won’t gleefully use this event as a Mighty Hammer Of Fun for as long as I possibly can then you not only don’t know me very well; you don’t actually know me at all.

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Moe Lane

Edolphus Towns endorses Charles Barron (D CAND, NY-10 PRI)… and GOP House Majority.

Meet the man likely to win the NY-10 Democratic nomination:

I want to go up to the closest white person and say, ‘You can’t understand this, it’s a black thing’ and then slap him, just for my mental health.

-That’s NYC Councilman Charles Barron, who apparently is the Democratic establishment’s choice to be the next Congressman from NY-10 (the seat currently held by retiring Edolphus Towns).  And it’s not even the most obnoxious thing that Barron’s ever said!  Heck, we haven’t even mined the Farrakhan stuff, or the Jewish stuff (which leads back to the Farrakhan stuff, of course), or the Gadhafi stuff, or… well.  What time is it?  I’m sure that he’s going to spout off something stupid today.  Anyway… this is all apparently fallout from a feud between various members of NY’s state and federal Democratic delegations, and it is going to be a glorious mess if Barron gets the nomination. Continue reading Edolphus Towns endorses Charles Barron (D CAND, NY-10 PRI)… and GOP House Majority.