#rsrh Democratic convention $15 million in the hole.

Five million in immediate debts, and another ten million in an activated letter of credit that will need to be paid off next year.  Free advice to the people wanting to be paid: get that money NOW, because the DNC isn’t going to want to pay it and Obama for America simply won’t.  Free advice to Duke Energy Corp (the corporation that gave the Democrats the letter of credit): remember the several years of aggravation that you’re about to go through the next time that the Democrats ask you for money.  Free advice to the DNC… no, sorry, as long as Debbie Wasserman Schultz is your chairwoman you’re pretty much screwed.

Lovely day today, isn’t it? – Says the man comfortably certain that the DNC gets to start the next election cycle ten million extra bucks in the hole.

Moe Lane

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#rsrh Charlotte Watch: Letting Clinton be Clinton.

I was wondering how Bill planned to sabotage Obama last night; turned out, according to Jim Geraghty, it was by Clinton being… Clinton.

As the sections continued, it became clear that this is what Bill Clinton lives for — how he misses the excitement, the attention, the power. . . . The presidency is like a drug, and while I’m sure his post-presidential life has its perks — though he is a vegan now — nothing is quite like having an arena full of adoring fans, hanging on your every word, ready to applaud and cheer your every utterance. The two-term limit is the only thing that is keeping him from running again.

And the speech just kept going.

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Some helpful reminders to progressive protesters at Charlotte.

I thought that I’d be useful and walk the slave’s flatteries and child’s imitations that are the modern Left protest movement through what’s expected of them this week at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, as well as what their betters will tolerate from said protesters.  I know, I know: some of the folks on my side feel that one should not give those people any sort of help whatsoever: to which I reply, noblesse oblige.  Or possibly mild sadism; after all, I’m happily aware of the fact that there’s almost nothing that the progressive activist Left hates more than to know that somebody out there is laughing at them, and that they can’t make the Bad Man stop.

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#rsrh What a PATHETIC set of counter-protests at the RNC this year. #p2 [UPDATED]

Drawing on this, this, and this… I’ll be honest.  I was expecting a good deal more in the way of organized protests in Charlotte [Tampa: oops!] than what actually ended up being the case.  So were various other folks; but we were all more or less startled to discovered that, compared to ’08, the ’12 antics were lame, sparse, and not particularly active.

Despite what appears to be (at best) some dodgy involvement by government agencies to, ah, ‘help out’…

Charlotte Democratic convention’s appeal simply becoming more selective*.

You know, RedState can afford a four-day event.

It would appear that the Democratic party cannot afford a fourth day of festivities, to the point where they’re going to cancel their orignial kickoff event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  But don’t worry: the ceremonial anointing of The One will still be taking place at the Bank of America Stadium. Hold on, let me repeat that, for the benefit of the six remaining progressives out there who are still pretending that the President cares about their somewhat sad attempt to create a populist movement:


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Is YOUR Democratic politician going to the Democratic convention?

Because we’re getting quite a list going of Democrats who are too frightened of being associated with the President to want to go to an Obama-dominated convention (or, as Michelle Malkin rather elegantly put it, the upcoming “Tarheel trainwreck“). So far…

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#rsrh An IQ test for the Occupiers. #ows

Read this paragraph:

[Occupy DC press flack Kevin] Zeese* says the Tea Party lost momentum and power when it got into elections and pushing candidates. If one of their elected candidates sold out, they’re not strong enough to do much about it. He explained that the Occupy movement is years from engaging in electoral politics. “My guess is this is a multi-year movement to shift power,” he said. “That’s going to take a 10-year effort.”

Are you now pounding your head against the nearest wall?

If the answer is ‘no,’ then… just keep doing what you’re doing, boychik.  Thanks!

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#rsrh Waitasecond. The DNC convention starts on LABOR DAY?

The Democratic party picked Labor Day weekend for their nominating convention in Charlotte, North Right-to-work Carolina?


Wow.  That’s the funniest damned thing that I’ve seen all day.


Oh, well, it’s not like Big Labor doesn’t deserve the contempt shown to it by the Democrats.  I can’t respect people who won’t respect themselves, sorry.

Moe Lane