Pat Quinn (D) orbits around idea of deploying Illinois National Guard to Chicago.

Pat Quinn is simply not very good at being a governor, is he?

Gov. Pat Quinn says he would consider using state resources to help combat Chicago street violence, but only if city officials want the assistance.

Speaking on this week’s mass shooting in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, Quinn was asked whether there have been discussions about sending in the state police or Illinois National Guard to assist Chicago police.


Quinn did not specifically veto the idea of deploying Guard members in Chicago. A press aide later told CBS 2 the governor was speaking only about the possibility of using state police to help out.

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Chicago to flirt with a corporate/private-sponsored police force?

Two stories from Drudge.

The first story should not worry you, overmuch.

On the streets of Oakland, budget cuts have made the beat cop a rare breed, and some of the city’s wealthy neighborhoods have turned to unarmed security guards to take their place.

Private security companies have been a staple of American upper-income enclaves for decades.  This is just a wider range than the usual gated community; it’s a sign that the economy’s rotten, but it’s not really worrisome.

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#rsrh Can’t wait to hear how the Chicago bomb thing was a stupid video/Mitt Romney’s fault.

Because God forbid that we assume that any of this could be due to a failure of leadership:

Undercover FBI agents arrested an 18-year-old American man who tried to detonate what he believed was a car bomb outside a downtown Chicago bar, federal prosecutors said today. Adel Daoud, a US citizen from the Chicago suburb of Hillside, was arrested last night in an undercover operation in which agents pretending to be extremists provided him with a phony car bomb. But the device was inert and the public was never at risk, officials said.

Or, more accurately, a failure to induce the proper bed-wetting terror that should accompany any thought of setting off an explosive on US soil.  Because if you’re thinking that this sort of story seems to have gotten more and more common since 20[0*]9… well.  Yes, it has.

Moe Lane

[*Nag, nag, nag.]

#rsrh So, when will Obama call a beer summit over the Chicago Teachers’ strike?

…What do you mean, “never?” Barack Obama can and will interfere in a local police incident; but he can’t be bothered to have an opinion about a teacher’s strike in his home town?


Occupiers, NATO, Chicago, & Molotov cocktails.

You know how this ends.

Tell me you’re surprised.

Three out-of-state men arrested in a Bridgeport apartment raid days before the NATO summit were charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, providing material support for terrorism and possession of an explosive or incendiary device, their attorney and police said early Saturday.

The arrests were the result of a month-long investigation into a group suspected of making Molotov cocktails — crude bombs usually created by filling glass bottles with gasoline, according to law enforcement sources and police records obtained by the Tribune.

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#rsrh No-fly zone over Chicago for NATO summit.

It’s actually not outrageous that there’s a no-fly zone, or that it will be enforced with missiles, if necessary: NATO summits are prime terrorist targets, and 9/11 demonstrated that terrorists can find volunteers who will fly a plane into a building.  It’s just that, up until yesterday, I would have used ‘terrorists’ to exclusively mean ‘foreign terrorists.’  But that was before it came out that there was at least one domestic bomb plot originating from the folks over at the anarchist/Black Bloc/antiglobo/Occupy movement.

Really, anybody think that the really nasty blackshirts can’t find somebody already wound up about the 99% – and keep twisting his or her key until the spring goes sproing? – Because I think that they can find somebody.  It all depends on whether this administration can keep those people too scared to even think to try.

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Would-be attacker literally shoots himself in the foot.

Well… ankle.

Robbing a man who turned out to be an ultimate fighter proved to be a bad decision for a convicted felon, who is now in bad shape as he is held on bond.

Yeah, it didn’t end well: and I’d like to note that said ultimate fighter originally took the sensible view that when a man points a gun at you and demands money, well, you can always get more money.  But then the alleged robber ordered the ultimate fighter out of his car, and when that sort of thing happens you are suddenly now in a very different, and very dangerous, situation.  In other words, one where it’s not fighting back that makes you a damfool.

Speaking of different and dangerous situations: the alleged robber managed to shoot himself in the ankle while in the process of being disarmed, pinned, and having multiple lacerations and two black eyes administered to him.  Which I am sure is going to make for awkward social encounters while in lockup…

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#rsrh :raised eyebrow: Occupy Chicago getting advice from Bill Ayers?

On non-violence?


Well, I suppose that, given his track record in teaching the skills of violence, this method is somewhat less likely to splatter fumble-fingered revolutionary blood, guts, and grey matter all over the nearest wall*.  Although, knowing Bill Ayers, if there’s a possible way that he can get yet more Marxist idiots (but I repeat myself) killed, he’ll manage it…

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#rsrh Chicago volunteers to be burned to the ground in 2012!

James Taranto over at the WSJ noticed this little scheduling oopsie that probably should have gotten more airplay back in June:

June 23, 2011 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — World leaders are gathering in Chicago next year for two international summits. Both the NATO and the G8 summits will be held in May.

It will be the first time since 1977 in London that two international summits will be held at the same time in the same city. Security experts say it will be a security challenge that no American city has ever had to face. Planning is likely to focus on the possibility of violent demonstrations.

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