So, I hear that @SeanEldridge and @ChrisHughes obsessively track their mentions.

Can this be true?

Both [Chris] Hughes and [Sean] Eldridge, whom I met with separately, displayed a casual but exhaustive knowledge of pretty much everything that had been written about them.

…Then I would be remiss in not noting that Mr. Hughes and Mr. Eldridge are quite possibly two of the most inept political operatives in recent memory.  Also: it’s because of them that Chris Gibson – sorry: Representative Chris Gibson – is now in such a marvelous place to win higher office in New York State in a few years.  Thanks!

Moe Lane

PS: No, I’m not verified.  That’s very true. But I did have a much better Election Night in 2014 than either one of these two gentlemen, so I suppose that it’s all about what’s really important.


So… why *did* Chris Hughes buy The New Republic, anyway?

I mean, this makes no sense.

Representing the views of one privileged class and appealing to a small demographic of political elites is the entire point of The New Republic. It certainly wasn’t to make money: people don’t make money in that particular business.  The goal is to shape the way that a particular group of people – people who are, let us not forget, powerful and influential – think.  If you’re not in it for that, why take a magazine that was doing that and try to turn it into something that it’s not? Continue reading So… why *did* Chris Hughes buy The New Republic, anyway?