I knew Christopher Nolan was working on an Oppenheimer biopic…

…but I didn’t realize he was shopping it around: “Normally, Nolan would have just worked with Warner Bros. on this, but he clearly wasn’t happy with how WarnerMedia is handling the release of their films by debuting them on HBO Max and theaters simultaneously. So, now he’s looking at other studio options.” He’s not the only director unhappy about simultaneous release, either, and who can blame them? Aside from everything else, it makes it harder to figure out who gets what money.

Relatedly: Disney’s going to release the rest of its 2021 slate in theaters only. Which is good! Now, if they’d only grow up and pay Scarlett Johansson a sufficient amount of forgive-us money for screwing up the BLACK WIDOW release.

The Christopher Nolan ‘Dunkirk’ teaser trailer.

Coming out next year. It’ll be interesting to see what Christopher Nolan will do with a situation like Dunkirk; because, by all accounts, that was a… well, English may not have the precise words for it.  I still don’t know how they got all of those guys off of that beach, even if the Germans did think that letting them go would have made an armistice more likely.