Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I made tacos. Which is about as authentic Mexican as anything that happens on St. Patrick’s Day is authentic Irish, so gimme a break. This is how things go; and the alternatives to this sort of hyper-casual cultural assimilation can get messy, so count your blessings, ¿Comprende?

Happy Cinco de Mayo! (And my sympathies, to Mexican-American readers.)

I’m mostly of Irish descent, you understand. So it is with no little sympathy and a certain amount of shared life experience that I watch, along with you, as a minor Mexican holiday gets turned into this fascinating extravaganza dedicated to the noble cause of getting plastered on tequila and/or Negra Modelo. :shrug: Anglos. Whaddya gonna do?

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Or, as I like to call it…

[UPDATE]: HeartbreakRidge from Twitter notes this:



Happy Another Excuse To Drink Day!  I know, I know, any random Latinos reading this: it’s not that big a deal in Mexico.  Neither is St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland; but it’s all part of the Assimilation Tango.  You want cultural acceptance? Give Americans a holiday where we can go boozing, or at least eat well.  I expect that the next one is gonna be Juneteenth.  The calendar’s not too full (Father’s Day, and that’s about it) and June 19th is usually a fine time to fire up the grill.

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, a margarita doesn’t sound half bad.  Not that I’d be going on the road tonight under any circumstances.

My Cinco de Mayo message to my fellow-citizens of Mexican ancestry.

Speaking as an American of Irish ancestry, let me assure you: Siento tu dolor.  I, too, am not unfamiliar with the sensation you feel when you see our fellow-Americans taking a reasonably important, but not overwhelmingly relevant, event from your ancestors’ history – and turning it into a booze-drenched bacchanalia of cheap alcohol, and bad decisions. Some of you have probably tried to reason with them, explaining to anybody who would listen that the holiday is not even that big a deal in Mexico.  Don’t tell me, let me guess what happened: they looked at you, grinned in that slack-jawed way that only the catastrophically drunk can manage, and ordered another shot of horrible tequila.

…Well, whaddya going to do?  This is the way of it. At least they’re not drinking the good stuff…

Hey, Happy Cinco de Mayo! …said he, mildly sardonically.

I think that I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel a certain amount of sympathy for Mexican-descended Americans who get to watch what was a minor holiday for their ancestors be turned into a booze-drenched bacchanalia (yes, yes, that’s redundant). It’s a detached sympathy, because that’s what exactly what American culture did to St. Patrick’s Day and nobody said boo then – but, hey, this is all part of the assimilation process.

But still: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Stay off of the roads, please.

Today… is Cinco de Mayo.

And to any readers of mine of Mexican descent, let me once again assure you: I feel your pain.  No, really, I do: I happen to be almost pure Irish-American, so I am intimately familiar with the way that America can appropriate a cultural holiday and turn it into a booze-soaked bacchanalia. Not that this is such a bad thing, really: at least it means that your particular ethnic/cultural group is assimilating on schedule.

Still, no, I’m not going to get drunk tonight on tequila and start shouting phrases in what I fondly consider to be Spanish.  No, I’m just going to stay home and sober.  Because I’m a giver that way.

Welcome to Cultural Appropriation Hell, Mexican-Americans.

Here’s your accordion.

I would recommend against trying to raise a stink about it, though: that was MSNBC, and they only care about white guys exaggerating ethnic stereotypes when the white guys are on other networks besides MSNBC.

Moe Lane

PS: The problem is not whether I care: it’s that MSNBC would have gone into shrieking hysterics if, as Ed Driscoll and Newsbusters noted, this had happened on Fox News. If MSNBC wants to establish itself as an arbiter of proper behavior, they should first make sure that they’re not breaking their own ruleset.

Today is Cinco De Mayo…

…and to all the Mexican-Americans out there who are watching in ever-increasing horrified bemusement at the way that a relatively unremarkable Mexican holiday is rapidly turning into a bizarre Anglo celebration of tequila-driven overindulgence… let me say this, as a mostly purebred Irish-American: welcome to assimilation, muchachos. Here’s your accordion*. Continue reading Today is Cinco De Mayo…

The ‘Obama launches his campaign on Marx’s Birthday’ Obligatory Post.

As somebody commented privately, Obama’s just trying to mess with our heads now. Oh, sure, the man’s going to pretend that starting his campaign on May 5th is to honor Cinco de Mayo, but nope: it’s all about the Commies.

But that’s OK: we over at the People’s Glorious RedState Revolutionary Collective can mess with heads, too.

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