#rsrh US Government looking to shut down Cindy Sheehan over taxes?

Tangled thing, this “Feds’ going after Cindy Sheehan for nonpayment of taxes” story.

  • On the one hand, theoretically I can see the appeal of being understanding of the tax situation of mothers who have lost their kids to combat.
  • On the other hand, Cindy Sheehan has been by now – and at least-half voluntarily – broken and remolded into the shape of a “professional mother who has lost her kid to combat;” it’s her living, frankly.
  • On the gripping hand, the people in the Democratic party who are responsible for winding up this deluded woman, aiming her at the Republicans, then completely cutting Sheehan loose once her usefulness had passed?  They should be beaten.  With sticks.  Because people are not toys for other people’s amusement.

But that’s just my immediate take on this.

Moe Lane

#rsrh This is why I loathe the Professional Activist Left.

They wound up Cindy Sheehan, put her on a path to intercept George W Bush… and when she didn’t intersect her target and just kept going, they didn’t have the elementary decency to bring her in for – I don’t know.  Reeducation, rehabilitation, a frontal lobotomy: anything would have been more merciful than her current delusional state (safe link):

…the oligarchy of this country is clever, they knew that it would take a person of color with an Islamic name who sold his soul many years ago–to fulfill the neocon agenda of planetary dominance (see: Project for a New American Century). So if one criticizes Obama, then we are attacked by War Loving Democrats for being: “divisive fanatics,” “racist,” “Tea B[*]ggers,” “crazy,” etcetera. Could McCain be getting away with bombing North Africa? Or does that take an African-American to give political cover to the war jackals?

The Activist Left: where they let you play with living, breathing toys!  And then you can pack them away when they break, and never mind all that screaming from inside the box!  Because no-one will ever, ever know.  It’ll be just their little secret with you.


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