#rsrh No, wait, this is the QoTD.

Jeff Goldstein, on the… Foreskin Man… comic book, which is precisely as bad as a cynical reader of the Internet might wearily supposed it to be.  If you’re wondering why the heck that I’m showing you that, by the way – it’s because banning male circumcision is on the ballot in San Francisco, and one of the groups pushing it produces the aforementioned comic book.  Really, it’s not satire: as RS McCain noted, Andrew Sullivan is a noted anti-male circumcision advocate, which should tell you right there that they’re reliably nuts.

Anyway, Jeff writes:

Incidentally, when we said never again? We meant it.

Fair warning.

The hope is that San Francisco isn’t quite this inane – I originally meant to write ‘insane,’ but this works too – but then, hope is not a plan.  God bless ’em, but that city thinks up the most damfool things, sometimes.

Moe Lane

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