Oh, dear. Dare I hope that tomorrow…

…there will be no late school closings because of the cold?  Is this a crazy dream?  If so, do I want to wake up?

Seriously, though, this shtick was getting old. Tuesday closing? Sure.  An inch fell in about an hour, and this is Maryland.  Late opening on Wednesday? …Well, fine, black ice.  Another late opening today?  Sorry, I’m just not feeling it at this point.

Swine Flu Biden.

[UPDATE x2] And welcome, AoSHQ readers.

[UPDATE] Welcome, Instapundit readers. Oh, why not? – vampirism post here, for no particular reason except that it beat watching the press conference.

Brother Pejman expands on this report that Vice President Biden is telling people to avoid public transportation and yank their kids out of schools.

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If President Obama wishes to handle this crisis by sending Vice President Biden to an undisclosed location until it’s over, well, sacrifices must be made.

Moe Lane

PS: Watch the video that Pej found above: it’s not every day where you see what is effectively a pet media organ of the Democratic party call for closing the border. And watch for the gaffe at about 5:15. Freudian slip there, Joe?

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